dog fighting for life after two staffies broke into garden and ‘left her for dead’ - small metal plate

by:ShunDing     2019-12-10
dog fighting for life after two staffies broke into garden and ‘left her for dead’  -  small metal plate
A dog has been fighting for her life after being wounded by two staff members who fled into the garden.
Westie's Izzy was reportedly locked up in an abandoned shed, and after the two dogs escaped from their neighbor's garden, the "savage attack" took about 20 minutes.
Her owner and two other women tried to grab the puppy from the shed in Welwyn Garden City on Sunday, but they were almost bitten.
When Izzy was finally rescued, she suffered 28 puncture wounds, broken ribs, crushed breast plates and dislocation of the breastbone, and "bleeding more than that ".
She had six hours of surgery to save her, but she was still fighting for her life.
After talking about a page that was built to cover Izzy's extensive review bill, owner Nong Robinson said: After many suggestions were made by loving and loving people in this world, we are building a crowdfunding page for Izzy's vet bill.
"Vet bills are growing on the day we 've already paid a lot of money, and since Izzy is in intensive care, it costs £ 350 a day plus any other treatment.
On Sunday afternoon, a male Stafford bull and a female Stafford bull escaped from the neighboring Garden.
The result is our western highland terrier [being]
20 minutes of brutal attacks.
"My mom and two older ladies tried to rescue Izz, but the male staff kept her in an abandoned cabin.
"While trying to rescue Izz, my mom and I were almost bitten by a Bodog.
"We were told the dogs were very aggressive and when we were able to save Izz she was dead and bleeding.
"The injury to Izzys is about 28 puncture wounds, broken ribs, crushed breast plates and displaced ribs, so the whole body is cast.
"Because of these injuries, Izzy took many different pain medications and had fluid.
Izzy needs surgery and she has to cut her chest because she is crushed by a bite from both dogs and her muscles are torn, so it needs to be repaired as well.
Izz also requested that all her wounds be rinsed to prevent infection.
Once her swelling has subsided, Izzy may need another surgery to place a metal plate on her chest.
The cost in this regard is not yet clear.
"We have a lot of people who are willing to help us. They are very friendly to us.
It's great to know so many good people in this world.
We are completely overwhelmed by the support and good faith messages from the public and the love we feel from all kinds of good faith messages.
The dog is still fighting for his life, she added, but the family refused to give up.
She said: "Izz is fighting for her life and we can't give up Izz.
"Any donation, big or small, will have a huge impact, reducing the pressure on my parents who are trying to give her the best treatment to get her through.
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