dog tags: the next great promotional product - anodized aluminum labels

by:ShunDing     2019-08-04
dog tags: the next great promotional product  -  anodized aluminum labels
Today, dog labels with names, logos and information have entered the civilian population to a large extent.
From wedding and party offers to trade shows and religious events, these custom dog cards are becoming more and more popular and have proven to be popular promotional items.
The most popular of these custom dog tags are embossed stainless steel, laser-engraved anodized aluminum and all-color printed plastic and metal.
Various dog labels customized for people have the same size as those used in the USS. armed forces.
Our most familiar dog tags have their origins during World War I (1914-1918).
To the second word war (1939-1945)
The army is handing out dog labels including a long chain, a short chain and two stainless steel labels.
The soldier's information about these labels is printed on metal using a marking method called metal "impression.
Custom dog labels are divided into two categories: authentic military and military "style ".
The authentic military dog label is made of stainless steel with a rolling edge on the top.
These labels are usually equipped with shiny and matte silver finishes, the same as those used in the USS. armed forces.
Military-style dog cards lack curling edges and are made of aluminum or plastic in all basic colors.
Dog tags in each category have different custom methods.
The authentic military stainless steel label is "embossed", resulting in a raised surface letter.
Embossed can only be applied to one side of the label, limited to letters, numbers and some special characters.
Each line has enough space for up to 15 characters for 5 lines.
There are also more imprint options for anodized aluminum and plastic dog labels.
Aluminum labels are usually customized using a marking method called "laser engraving.
Here, the text and logo can be copied at a very high resolution on one or both sides.
Laser engraving works by eliminating the colored anodized surface and the original aluminum under the exposed surface.
A high quality laser engraved mark appears bright white.
Custom military plastic dog brand with full color printing.
Here, first apply a full color imprint on the bonded vinyl, and then the profile is cut into a precise dog card shape and adhered to the surface.
Using this printing method, the full color logo and design can be copied at high resolution.
Dog cards evolve into personalized new materials, shapes, and functional designs.
In addition to the familiar stainless steel, aluminum and plastic dog brands, there are many unique dog brands on the market (i. e.
Dog Tag flashlight, dog tag lipstick, Mini and giant dog tag).
Custom dog labeling has proven to be a very popular marketing tool for both commercial and personal applications and is expected to be the next popular promotional product.
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