eco-friendly metal straw leaves woman dead in freak impaling accident - stainless steel nameplates

by:ShunDing     2019-10-23
eco-friendly metal straw leaves woman dead in freak impaling accident  -  stainless steel nameplates
Hemingway used plastic straws instead of metal straws to kill time.
Tom Schoeb, manager, explained.
Elena lives in Dorset with her wife Mandy.
Image: FacebookSource: FacebookA woman in a cause of death investigation heard this week, in an abnormal accident that caused severe brain injury and final death, she was subjected to an ecological metal
Details about the terrible death of Elena strouthers
Gardner appeared at a forensic hearing on Tuesday, at the end of which the coroner warned that "it should be very careful" when using potentially dangerous metal straws ".
According to The Sun, on last November, when Elena collapsed in the kitchen, she had been drinking with a Mason jar sealed with a screw top cover.
Reaching out to the top of the jar was a 25 cm stainless steel eco-straw that went straight through Elena's eye socket and pierced her brain after she fell directly on it.
Elena lives in Dorset with her wife Mandy.
Image: FacebookSource: facebookfind 60-on the kitchen floor-year-
Old in Dorset county, she lives there with her six-year-old wife, Mandy strouthers --
Gardner, when she was found to make an "unusual gurgling sound" on the floor of their kitchen.
Mandy told the hearing that her wife's glass was "still intact and the straw was still in the Jar ".
"I noticed the straw sticking to her head.
"I called 999 and asked for an ambulance," she said . ".
"I slid the glass off the straw and turned her over.
I can see the straw through her left eye.
Elena and Mandy strouthers
Gardner has been married for six years and lives together in Dorset.
Picture: FacebookSource: FacebookElena was taken to the hospital where the shocked doctor found that the straw had damaged her brain and was forced to give her life support to help her breathe.
The hearing heard that the metal straw pierced her head with this force and did not stop until it hit the back of her skull.
Her family made a devastating decision and canceled her life support the next day.
Previous health problems Mandy told investigators that her wife had been trying to walk normally for some time. Elena, a well-
The famous jockey, after a serious fall at the age of 21, was forced to retire from the equestrian world, and since then she has struggled to move around easily.
At the time of her death, Elena, affectionately known as Lena, suffered from multiple spinal fractures, and Mandy said she often collapsed, "like a bag of potatoes, which crashes every once in a while"
She begged the coroner to consider warning the public about the dangerous nature of the metal eco-straw.
"I just feel that in the hands of action, people like Elena, kids and even capable are challenged --
"People who are in good health have lost their base and these things are too long and very strong," Bodied said . ".
"Even if they don't end their lives, they can be very dangerous.
"After the environmental push to stop plastic use, the eco-straw has become more and more popular in recent years.
Source: istock plastic straw is used alternately. After a viral video of a turtle, the widely used eco-straw is becoming more and more popular, with a plastic straw in its nose.
A series of public protection activities were then carried out to encourage people and companies to abandon plastic straws and switch to metal, bamboo or paper alternatives.
At the hearing, David Attenborough's acclaimed documentary Blue Planet was exposed on the 8 th.
Processing 5 billion plastic straws a year has triggered a global campaign to reduce the use of plastics.
The Daily Telegraph reported that David palham, a doctor after Elena's execution
The autopsy told investigators that she suffered brain damage after the eco straw "pierced her left eyelid and left eyeball.
Mandy warned that the popular metal straws pose a danger to people and children who are inconvenienced.
Image: facebook bookSource: facebook's drug studies found Elena dead without alcohol, despite reports that she relied on alcohol and drank about half a liter of vodka from a Mason jar every day.
Elena's brother, Robin strouthers, also spoke at the hearing, pleading with the coroner in an emotional statement to warn the public about how "lethal" metal straws are ".
Related: Maccas action against plastic strawberries Related: South Australia consider banning all disposable plastic products. Assistant coroner Brendan Allen found "there is not enough evidence to explain how Elena is
"Obviously, these metal straws should be very careful when using them because they are of no use," he said . ".
"If someone falls and the direction is wrong, it can cause serious harm.
Mr Allen concluded that the metal straw should not be "used with a lid of any kind" as this would increase the likelihood of injury.
"It seems that the main problem here is that the straw will move away if the lid is not in place," he said . ".
The sad findings of the cause of death shocked people, and many people shared messages of condolences on social media about Elena's family's "devastating" accident.
Others say they are now rethinking whether metal straws will be used again.
This is too upsetting! ! ! !
How many times have we said they are dangerous! ?
I don't want to use a plastic straw, maybe after this freak accident you will think again that ECO is dangerous and can kill!
Elena strouthers
Gardner, 60, suffered severe brain damage and was killed in an abnormal accident.
Something terrible happened.
Since then, many people in the disabled community have come out to support the ban on metal straws, claiming that plastic straw alternatives are a dangerous danger.
"People with disabilities have been telling you that these straw bans are harmful, they are medical necessities, and plastic straw alternatives are dangerous," a woman wrote on Facebook . ".
"I can't believe this is what some of you believe we need!
The sad findings have made many people rethink their metal straws.
Source: istockthers retorted that there was no need to ban the straws, thinking the warning was "a bit OTT ".
"Unfortunately, everything is in danger," wrote one lady . ".
"I use a metal straw every time I drink (disability)
Never poked his eyes.
This is an abnormal accident.
Another added that while it is a terrible thing to happen to someone, it is not "Straw's fault ".
"She fell a lot, maybe even a pen she carried with her," the person said . ".
Mandy told reporters outside court that she misses her beloved wife every day.
"She left too early.
I hope it won't happen to anyone else, "she said.
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