engraved name plates How to Make a Bookplate

by:ShunDing     2019-05-31
Bookshelves are printed paper nameplates fixed on the cover of a book to indicate who they belong.Book lovers have been using these books for centuries, not only to announce the ownership of a book, but also to enhance the beauty of their book collection.In many parts of the world, the bookshelf is called "Ex Libris", which comes from Latin and means "library", one of the most common phrases you will see on the shelf.
The earliest examples came from the 15 th century.Some contain warnings about failure to return a book, or tips that might be a bad thing for thieves.An early European bookseller wanted to be kissed by a hedgehog ".
The explosion of creativity in bookshelf design.At the same time, more artists are interested in this format and start creating specially commissioned designs.There are favorite animals and trees on the new bookshelf.
It was made to encourage children to cherish books.prices.Bookstores and libraries around the world.Many countries have a tradition of making and using book boards and you can find some of the best pictures of AmericansEnter the world of those who are passionate about the former Libra.
The Spanish-speaking world has a particularly rich history, making very unusual and very private bookshelves.For some unusual examples of bookcases, you may want to check the collection on the website below.Http:/globalia.Net/huberto/libros is/exlibris2/index.In Japan, compared with the design of Europe, the traditional bookcase is very rich in color.
They often display shrines, Buddha statues or temples.Traditional culture like Kabuki theater is also very popular.Http:/translation.japan.In the past days, it was printed in paper with wood or metal patterns engraved.
The bookshelf is usually monochrome, although it is sometimes printed by hand.Today, book boards can still be designed and printed in the traditional style.The writing board Association has a page of artists who accept commissions.
Library Society.
The arts and crafts website Etsy offers bookshelves made by individual designers.Some people will personalize a shelf for you at an amazing low cost.There is an example on the right, but many other examples can be found by searching the site.
EBay is a great place to find bargains.
You can make a bookshelf with a computer at home and simply print it out.Print stamps of design.Use stamp websites and some craft shops to sell off-the-shelf stamps, which you can use to make a shelf when you need them.Sometimes stamp the book directly with rubber stamp --It's just a taste problem.
Rubber stamps can be made at home with a kit purchased online.You can make the design on a computer or paper and then convert it into a stamp with a clever device.http://www.art-rubberstamps.Show you how to carve rubber stamp.http://www.ezl.Com /~ Limegr/howcarv.Some traditionalists like to use wooden stamps to create the effect of a book board made early on with wood cutting.
Woodcuts are difficult to make, but try this site if you want to learn the skills of this site.how-to-make-a-woodcut-print-Computer softwareLike inkscape, it's easy to make and print your own bookshelves.Free software for Paintnet.com.Encouraging children to read and love books is one of the best things you can do for any child.
As we all know, every book is a new world, leading us to another.Bookshelves encourage children to think of books as special and personal.They can also inspire a spirit of collection that can penetrate into many other areas.
There are a variety of wonderful free bookshelves that can be downloaded and printed.Some of the world's leading child illustrators, such as Raymond Briggs (Snowman celebrity) and Martin Brown, have contributed
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