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by:ShunDing     2019-05-30
First of all, I would say that I have been creating and producing deals \ rpin since 2002.When I read websites that say they have a lot of years of experience, I laughed when I remember training...First of all, I would say that I have been creating and producing deals \ rpin since 2002.
When I read websites that say they have a lot of years of experience, I laughed when I remember training that person myself a few years ago.I started in 2002 and am very proud of my record.Recently, I was shocked by the wrong message sent to the customer every day.
I would like to address these issues one by one so that you can understand the true nature of the trading pin and be able to make a more informed decision about your pin.Here's the list I 've put together \ rand please take a moment to read them (I'll try to be short) 1.) Photo etching trade pins are better than other \ rStyle pins because they are laser etched and not manually tapped from the mold.
FALSE!Not only are they inaccurate, but the rare ones are thinner, the plating wire is thicker, and there must be an epoxy dome in order to keep the flash and paint filling from falling off.\ R they are much cheaper than our pins because they are as thin as a dime and not as thick as our Epola cloisoné pins.In addition, they are rarely filled with a pint instead of glass like Epola.
The thicker pin with glass filling has a deeper gloss, a more beautiful color, and blows away a thin layer of paint filling.We chose Ebora.2.) The Soft enamel cloisonne pin is exactly the same as the Epola cloisonne pin!Not only does this style pin not exist, (I remember the idiot who created this wrong term, but he laughed for it) but this \ rpin is paint filled and covered with epoxy domes, make it look the same as Epola cloisonné.There is a big difference between the two pins, especially when you add a flash or transparent color to the \ rfill.
It's really simple.
Epola cloisonné is glass-filled and has no soft \ rEnamel pins for epoxy domes.We chose Epola cloisonné as our first choice.3.) Pins made of iron are as good as copper-based pins FALSE!\ RThis is crazy but I see it all the time.
Most pin companies are too lazy to even tell you that your pin is made of iron.Iron-based pins are much cheaper than copper for a reason!They are a cheaper metal that is harder to bend and therefore has a thicker plating line and sometimes a surface twist of color (you will see the holes on the finish ).Gold plating on Epola cloisonné looks like gold.
The gold plating on the iron pin looks like copper and cloudy.\ The image on Ran Epola pin face is clear, clean and elegant.Based on the iron pin \ rlook block, it is difficult to distinguish the pin surface.
Copper, only copper will form the base metal of all our pins.The funniest comments from pin Company-Iron is cheaper for me and covered with plating and coloring of needles. Wow, I think you have to admit the fact that there are bumps filled with thicker plating \ rlines and surface colors, but you still don't see the cheaper iron below, at least they do it right.
) The design created in hours is as good as the design in fake days!The rA design created in a very short time is clip art and \ rre-Use of designs that have been used and re-usedused for years.I see the same old design from other companies year after year.Who wants to show up with the trade pin seen by other teams \ rover and over?It will take a few days for our design.
They are unique, original, and trade fun that can sometimes be at unusual boundaries.Our selection is a hand made clip art as well as a cut and paste rold design.5.Our offer says our pins are really cloisonne.
Is that true?Guess What?FALSE!\ RTrue cloisonné is a rare color that can only use simple base colors.There are few production facilities that even make this pin more beautiful, it has been replaced by Epola cloisonné, which will result in a brighter, more glossy finish and more6.) It's better to have more and cheaper pins than less and more expensive ones, which is just my point here.
FALSE!No one wants to trade more \ rpins not less than those that \ reveryone can't wait to get.Simple enough!7.) The rush transaction pin is the same as the one we will target the \ rThis transaction, which is another crime against the customer.These are stickers that are basically placed on the shape of the intended pin.
\ RWatch other teams run from these like plagues.Most companies charge them more, claiming there will be an extra charge for rush delivery.No.It only takes less time for stickers to be made and pasted on pre-made shapes.
I can continue here.
These are just some more obvious examples, and I am tired of all of you being fed a bag of goods by companies that wish to profit from your lack of knowledge.Here is my last thought about you.There is a reason why we let Epola cloisonn trade pin.They look better, trade better, and will last for many years.
No one wants to show up with a bad pin.
) I 'd rather you have fewer pins than more pins that no one wants, and you'll love a bag of pins for a low price.\r3.) We will continue to do the best needle in this industry.\ RIt will get you back and the stamps we stamp on the back of your PIN will bring more business in the second year.
Other teams saw these pins, realized they were already there, and came running to us over the next year.\r4.We will never mislead you or provide you with wrong information that is in our favor.EVER.We will not sell you iron \ rEnamel pins and pass them on to you in the form of copper!!!!!!!\r5.
) If you believe you have found something that looks better at a better price.Please discuss this with me and I will be more than happy to beat any company, Apple to Apple, any price for any day.Always.Rose Parker (877) 746-sincerely7702 \rE-mail-Gmail.
com \rWebsite-www.
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