got leather? don't even think of cleaning it without reading this first! - hang tag manufacturers

by:ShunDing     2019-08-02
got leather? don\'t even think of cleaning it without reading this first!  -  hang tag manufacturers
Many people think all the leather is the same. .
All the leather is the same, but there are different finishes.
The most common type of leather surface treatment is Aniline (A)-o Protected (P)-o Nubuck (N)-
There also seems to be a common misconception that all leather cleaners are the same and you can clean it with anything. . .
In order to maintain it properly, you must know what kind of leather you have --
Speculation is not an option because there are different products and procedures for each leather.
In fact, using the wrong product on the leather can actually deprive the protection as well as the actual pigment or dye.
Interesting fact: Did you know that all the leather started with the amine leather? -
15% retained as an amine leather-
5% turns into a sanding skin-
Step 1-80% turns into pigment leather to recognize various types of leather
Check if there is a deck label or "tag" on the furniture that identifies the leather type ".
Many manufacturers place deck labels on the deck in the seating area, close to an extra piece of leather that has been sewn in. Step 2 -Scratch Test -
"Scratch test" is the easiest way to determine if the leather is a P-type (pigmented)or not.
Gently scraping the leather surface with a nail creates a slight mark or no mark.
If there is a mark, you will have an amine leather.
If you don't do this, you're likely to have pigmentation. Step 3 -Tactile Test -
Feeling the leather surface and visually determining if there is a "nap" will help determine if the leather has been polished/brushed.
Frosted leather has been polished or brushed, leaving a slight to heavy velvetlike nap.
These are just some simple guides to determine what kind of leather you have.
Only certified leather experts can determine, but this should help guide you when contacting a professional or purchasing a product.
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