haute couture fashion week: tech and sustainability get a luxury makeover - company name plates stainless steel

by:ShunDing     2019-11-13
haute couture fashion week: tech and sustainability get a luxury makeover  -  company name plates stainless steel
By Sonia Kolesnikov-
Jessop, CNNParisIn in many ways, the Advanced Custom Fashion Week in Paris feels like a bubble full of embroidery, feathers, and a lot of tulle folds, where incredible hand-made designs are presented, priced at $100,000.
However, in autumn,
The winter 2019 exhibition, although the focus is still on providing escape realism through exquisite fabrics and elaborate craftsmanship, some sofas also offer a sense of realism.
As consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of the fashion industry, many garment manufacturers are keen to highlight how the craft can take cycling to new heights.
The future of sustainable development in the past few monthsto-
Both clothing brands and commercial street brands have announced changes in their business practices in the name of sustainability.
Now it seems that the drive for sustainable development has penetrated into the world of advanced customization.
Dutch designer Ronald van der Kamp, who has long been the champion of sustainable fashion, said 98% of his new series was made using reusable fabrics and materials, including backlogs and factory waste collected in the past.
Prada offers a sustainable nylon drive. He also made a statement about faux fur, usually made from oil.
Based on the material, by showing a "fur" coat and a leopard
Prints made of recycled silk stuffed with them were stolen. (
Elsewhere, Jean Paul goltier offers a smart option similar to faux fur, featuring a trompe l'oeil printed coat with animal fur. )
Autumn-Ronald van de Camp
Winter 2019 Credit: Francois Gillo/AFP/Getty Images set the tone for fashion in its heyday advanced customization.
With my sustainable custom clothing, I want to inspire girls outside to try their wardrobe and vintage clothing;
"Teach them to enhance their personality and consciously buy clothes," Van del Camp said . ".
"I also want to show the world that it is possible to make fashion clothes with existing materials, dead stock, high stock
End the leftovers, vintage fabric, sustainable can be charming, sexy, highfashion.
"How Celine Dion became the queen of fashion week, driven by this message, Victor and Rolf made colorful patchwork outfits with vintage costumes.
They also worked with Dutch artist and textile designer Claudia qiongstella to produce a series of coats made of her own raised and cut wool.
The designer told WWD that their goal was to "cast a positive spell saying things can be done.
"Viktor & Rolf autumn
Winter 2019 Credit: Francois Gillo/AFP/Getty Images at the same time, at the edge of fashion, Philippines Shure and Rens de Val, label Shure staged an ecology
It is an alternative to traditional fashion shows.
Instead of renting a venue, they have models dressed in bicycle costumes, picking up trash in front of the 15 th District Town Hall as part of a "clean action" with two local NGOs.
The new starting point schanel is always one of the hottest tickets in town, and there is no difference this season.
The industry has been eagerly waiting to see the house's first fashion collection under the newly crowned creative director Virginia Viad, who was responsible after Carl Lagerfeld's death in February.
Gigi Hadid Farrell Williams celebrates Carl Lagerfield's presentation at the Grand Palace, which has been associated with the grandest set ---
A space shuttle, a replica of the Eiffel Tower, a Mediterranean villa with palm trees and a huge swimming pool ---
So two games this season.
In contrast, the story loop library seems to be a bit gentle, but it is a proper tribute to Lagerfeld and founder Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel's love of the book's unstoppable love.
Autumn Chanel premium customization
Winter 2019 Credit: long-time collaborator of great designers, the show by Christope Archambault/AFP/Getty ImagesWith confirms that the house is in good hands, she used her vision of Chanel's charm to send out a fine collection: slender silhouettes, reaching her hand into her pocket, wearing comfortable flat shoes and even evening dresses.
"I dreamed of a graceful woman, a smooth and free silhouette;
"I like everything about Chanel's charm," Viard said in a press release . ".
High-end women's autumn
Winter 2019 credibility: Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty ImagesIn is back on stage with Texas designer Daniel Roseberry rolling out his first fashion collection of Reilly, taking over from Lang Guyon in April.
Unlike his predecessor, 33-year-
Old did not delve into Elsa Schiaparelli's archives, and she decided that her shocking pink signature was no longer shocking, but still brought some surreal, oversized clouds to his collection
Accessories like silhouette and dreamy.
The logo for advanced customization is still TechCrunch, tulle and beading, but some designers are pushing their use of materials in new directions.
Christoph Rumpf: Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen has been leading the young designer of fashion fairy talesAs.
This season, she worked with dynamic sculptor Anthony Howe to complete the last "infinite" costume, a skeleton made of aluminum and stainless steel with a delicate feather, seems to fly around in the center of the model.
Iris van Hepburn fall premium customization
Winter 2019 credibility: Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty ImagesIn press release, design note she fully collects the beautiful and complex environment that reflects "and explores patterns and structures in its fragile landscape.
"When sending models through Howe's Portal --
Like a layer of transparent and transparent sculpture, she provides one of the most memorable works (
Can be installed)
The moment of the week.
Elsewhere, Lebanese designer Tony Ward showed off a dress made entirely of 3D --
Print using tulle and 33 pieces of biodegradable TPU (an eco-
Friendly plastic broken down in soil within five years).
The dress is completely recyclable, Ward said.
"Although fashion is about the 'hand of the fairy, 'I am curious to combine this technique with our knowledge --
Ward said in an email.
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