ink attack at prashant bhushan’s house - house name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-10-20
ink attack at prashant bhushan’s house  -  house name plate
On Monday, unidentified people threw ink at senior lawyers in the area 14 of Prashant Bhushan, a day after his tweet from Lord Krishna sparked controversy.
Members of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha after protests outside hussaen (BJYM)
The BJP youth team began to protest outside the protesters.
The House of Bushan and demanded an apology for hurting religious feelings.
However, they did not claim responsibility for the incident.
At the same time, the Noida police have strengthened the security of lawyers. politician.
The incident happened around 12. 30 p. m. when Mr.
Bu Shan is not at home.
According to locals, the villains fled the scene after splashing ink.
"They threw ink on the nameplate of the house with the names of his father and former federal law minister Shanti Bhushan, and then ran away," a district 14 resident said . ". Mr.
The housekeeping help of Bushan immediately called the police.
No cases have been registered.
"So far, we have not received any complaints from our families.
After the tweet on Sunday, we have stepped up security measures.
Actually, Mr. Bushan asked us to escort him to Delhi.
On Monday, the Noida border, "said director Noida of police Dinesh Yadav.
Protesters led by Chaman Awana, president of the department at beyom Noida, have lodged complaints against him. Bhushan. “Mr.
Bushan hurt the feelings of the Indian people.
He must apologize without condition . "Awana. On Sunday, Mr.
Boushan wrote on Twitter: "Romeo loves only one lady, while Krishna is a legendary Eve teaser.
Adityanath has the courage to call his duty officer-Krishna squads?
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