it's time for reality: no draft, no war - metal dog tags engraved

by:ShunDing     2019-07-28
it\'s time for reality: no draft, no war  -  metal dog tags engraved
War is a serious business. A machine can produce amputees, people without faces, and people with half their brains destroyed, the body so soaked needs a metal dog tag to identify the person who is now lying on the ground under your feet.
It is time to understand the reality that without the full understanding and cooperation of all Americans, America should never be involved in war ---
All social and economic sectors, all groups.
The only way to ensure that such cooperation is carried out in war is to draft in large quantities and bring in fighters from all classes as needed ---
Including lawmakers and government officials who started pushing the war.
There is really no other way to make sure that those in power don't push other people's children just as cannon fodder for their own purposes.
For years, our leaders have been telling us that we are fighting to save Western civilization.
They now tell us that the war in Iraq is part of the "war on terror.
However, the sons and daughters of these leaders continue their party, their education, their privileged lives, and when the children of ordinary Americans are abroad, their bodies are chopped up by meat.
Grinder for Nastywar.
Mitt Romney said his sons did not fight in Iraq because they helped him become president and contributed to the war.
When he was pressed, he mumbled that we had a "volunteer" army, so his son did not need to serve.
Perhaps Mitt Romney is too dense to understand that this is the problem: history shows that without the full participation of the entire socio-economic commission, the American volunteer army will always be an army.
In this country, such an army is always made up of children of the middle class and the poor, and there has never been an equal distribution of risks. It's not fair. It's hypocrisy.
It is shameful to tell the American people that this "war on terror" is a war to save Western civilization, and that your own children continue their safe lives.
If the war in Iraq is so serious, every American should be involved equally.
But of course war will happen.
Those are not asking for a draft because, in that case, the American people will be forced to sit up and assess whether they really want their children to go to Iraq to get their faces blown off.
Of course, if there is adraft, the children of the war
May be selectedHeavenforbid!
A war of justice will not ruin the United States.
If war is not just a war, there should be no war at all.
During the Korean War, I was called up to enter the United States. S.
Army after college
I was lucky to go home alive and continue my normal life.
We fought the Korean War in order to curb the expansion of communism.
The war lasted only a few years and then stopped.
I think it is a war of justice and I feel sorry for my service.
There's no reason anyone is afraid of the draft. -
Unless you're worried about a draft that would put the American people against a political policy that you know is self.
Serve all Americans, not for their benefit. -
Or, unless you are afraid that your own child will face a battle, or even that you are in a battle yourself.
If we are afraid of war, don't fight it.
If we think we need to fight a war, let's spread the risk evenly across our people.
When asked why Dick Cheney did not serve in the Vietnam War, he said he had "other priorities ".
"What is more important than serving the country in a just war?
If the Vietnam War is more than that, why wouldn't he go out with other people protesting the war?
For Mitt Romney's son, what priorities are more important than serving in a just war?
If the war in Iraq is more than that, why is it not over now?
In the coming weeks, the generals will fly to Iraq to tell us about the war in Iraq.
The problem is that the generals are professional fighters, they get more medals and status than usual in wartime, obviously few of them understand that for this country, their mission is not to fight, but to prevent
It's ridiculous that they just follow orders and complain.
If the war is unjust, the generals should feel obliged to refuse to start the war.
If they think the war is just, why don't the generals in Iraq call for a draft?
Most importantly, the ongoing unjust war may kill our people as a civilized country.
Dave Grossman is a retired Army lieutenant colonel, former Army Ranger and paratrooper. "We have to give up the image of war and think it is one of the most terrible and painful acts that human beings can participate in.
War is an environment that mentally weakens people who have been involved in the war for 98% long.
2% people who are not driven crazy by the war seem crazy. -
Radical mental patients-
Before coming to the battlefield
"For George Bush, Dick Cheney, the rest of the gangs in the White House, William Christo, Richard Pelle, Mitt Romney, and the other Republican candidate dwarfs, it's a kind of Fox News all the other carnival bar people keep telling us that we need this war when it's clear that they are willing to sacrifice someone else's children instead of their own. Enough!
If this war is to continue, we must draft a draft as soon as possible. --------------------------------
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