jack knox: bridge is up, and so is beer drinker who got past barriers - personalized metal plates

by:ShunDing     2019-12-01
jack knox: bridge is up, and so is beer drinker who got past barriers  -  personalized metal plates
Graham Keane has been keeping a close eye on the intersection of Johnson Street because whenever the bridge rises, his patio deducts $3 from a particularly delicious drink.
Sure enough, the span started before 8 p. m.
Let a barge pass on Friday.
Keehn said, wait, is there a guy on the bridge pointing at the sky now?
Yes, yes.
This guy is probably the fifth on the road --and-
Part of the bike, standing on a narrow vertical stand, is attached to the railing, and the stand becomes horizontal as the deck rises. “He was super-
"Feel free, drink beer," says Casual hn . ".
When the bridge collapsed and the barrier reopened
The same obstacle that this person initially squeezed past --
The guy did a "little shame tour" in the wait of several policemen ".
I'm glad that the man was not injured.
He was not prosecuted either.
But he was drunk and lucky.
After passing through the safety barrier of the bridge, it won't take much time to slide down from his narrow ledge.
All of this proves)
Wine can't improve judgment, B)
You can't build barriers high enough to stop the wrong judgment.
"Make sure the man bypassed the bridge safety system and boarded the bridge after the elevator started," VicPD described the situation on Tuesday, while urging users to obey the warning signal of the bridge.
Obviously, the latter point has become a problem, some pedestrians and cyclists choose to ignore/race, and the elevator on the bridge makes an alarm, it's like the car in the movie chase trying to beat the train to the intersection.
When others see that these people are not punished for ignoring the warning, they will follow suit.
What they don't understand is that it's not easy to interrupt the bridge --
Once started, increase the order.
Ships close to the opening cannot brake like the driver did when he walked into the car path.
Lifting the bridge is a rather complicated process by calling the fire department first to let it know that an emergency route will be cut off and then proceed with a series of warnings and obstacles --
Flashing lights, ringing bells, Charlie Checkpoint
His arms, gates and recordings repeatedly warned riders and walkers to go to a safe place.
The bridge operator manually controls the arms on the pedestrian and bicycle bathtubs and can use the public-
The address system, which can drive people away from these places of the bridge and have the camera point in two directions (
Although in the case of Friday, the person seems to be invisible to one of them and to the other).
Fraser Walker, director of engineering and public works at Victoria, said the city takes Friday's events seriously and is looking for lessons to be learned.
But the fact is that at the beginning of the elevator, the drunk went to the bridge.
"This can lead to serious injury or death," Work said . ".
"Anyone who chooses to bypass all of these security systems is going to take a big risk.
The Blue old bridge's hair. raising span-
Also telling stories.
Last year, Saanich's Peter Reitsma told the story of the bridge being trapped on high ground when it rose high in metal products in 1953 in preparation for repainting.
There were no seat belts, no scissors lifts, no cranes in those days.
He just got up with the blowtorch and the sound of the blowtorch flooded the alarm.
When the bridge climbed up, Reitsma found itself suspended in the air, nothing but a steel support.
He put it still
Light the torch and press the two hands on the metal plate until forever --15 minutes? 20? Half an hour? —
Until the bridge was finally put down. Sixty-
Five years later, he still did not like high places.
At least the tortures of Reitsma are accidental.
Others deliberately put themselves in danger, and no one else can blame.
Legendary Victoria Street policeman Doug Bond has a story about the discovery of a couple
In the Blue Bridge superstructure, the budget version of a mile-high club.
Bond called: "Have you never heard of security? Get down here. ” They did.
This is an interesting story because no one is hurt.
It's not funny when they do.
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