lamb seal and stencil co. is leaving its old home - small brass name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-01
lamb seal and stencil co. is leaving its old home  -  small brass name plates
Mutton stamp and template Company
Stamping, engraving and casting signs for Washington
Since 1900, regional businesses will exit the quarter at 824, 13 th Street, Northwest, and move to 14 th Street to join the Logan Circle area update.
Building 13 Old Street used to be Richard L.
Founder's grandson, Richard Lamb Peters, said Lamb moved the company to around 1927 and is now more valuable as a parking lot than an office building, which could be its fate.
"It has no historical value," Peters said . "
As a restaurant, it may be rejuvenated, but "it is difficult for tenants to come here.
"Washington lawyer Peters is handing over the direction of the company to two officials.
Julius Federal Bureau of Statistics will replace President Peter and Robert Schneider as president.
Peters said the company is the oldest logo manufacturer in the city and one of the few manufacturing companies in the region.
"It does everything except the electronic logo," Schmelz said . ".
We may be a little old.
He added: "Although the company's brass nameplate is now carved with a computer.
Schmelz says the company has been profitable during the recession-
Just like it endured a depression of 1930.
Schmelz said employees were only working two or three days a week at that time, but no one was fired.
No business either-
He added that the relevant layoffs.
Lamb ran the company until he died in 1960 at the age of 89, the founder of the Rotary Club in Washington.
Peters said the company has a deep and lasting foundation in the city.
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