many andhra pradesh villages defy sc, hold jallikattu | india news - times of india - small metal plate

by:ShunDing     2019-12-08
many andhra pradesh villages defy sc, hold jallikattu | india news - times of india  -  small metal plate
TIRUPATI: On Saturday, despite the Supreme Court's ban on Jallikattu, thousands of people took part in the cattle and cattle taming movement in several villages in the Andhra Pradesh region.
Jallikattu, called Pasuvula Panduga (Cattle Festival)
In the state, on the last day of three months
Sankranti's day harvest festival.
Police have warned of tough action, but have remained silent as hundreds of animals are being chased as part of the campaign.
The Supreme Court banned the incident because it involved animal abuse and threats to human life.
Chito is the home of chief minister Chandra Abu Naidu, who celebrates sanklanti in the village of naravaripal, his ancestor.
He was in the area because the banned campaign was held.
Police insist that Paso vura panduga is not a jalicatu.
"We have given notice to the organizers and kept a strict vigil.
Panduga is a cattle festival.
"Animals are decorated and used for sports," said Police Inspector Siva Prasad . ".
In case of being locked up on Ramireddygaripalle for hype, Pullaiahgaripalle, Rangampet Qian de la Giri mandal, alimreddypalle and Adusipalle in mandal Pakala.
When frightened animals run away with young people chasing them, some people get hurt.
Thousands of people, including Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, gathered in chandrajiri and pakra Mandra to witness jalica.
The authorities have been preparing medical aid and have closed all liquor stores.
Animal rights activists believe that the animals suffered internal injuries due to the movement, causing them to die slowly.
The main event was held in Rangampet, where people from many villages gathered with animals decorated with wreaths.
A small metal plate is tied to the corner of the animal.
Participants chase animals in order to catch the metal plate.
The person who tame the animal and holds the metal plate is declared the winner.
It is reported that some cattle keepers feed the animals with alcohol and also paste made of powder ganja leaves and jaggery.
All the reservoirs in the area are filled with heavy rainfall, which residents say is the result of the campaign.
"God is very kind to us.
We got record rainfall during the northeast monsoon.
During the two seasons on the farm, the animals worked hard in the fields.
It's time to give them some entertainment and rest, "a villager told local media when asked to explain the meaning of the cattle festival.
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