meet the men who dress the ducks - locker name plates

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meet the men who dress the ducks  -  locker name plates
ARLINGTON, Texas-At 3:45 p. m.
CT Saturday, Kenny fall, Aaron "Vinny" Vason and nine student managers unloaded the Oregon University equipment truck at the AT&T Stadium.
The truck left Eugene, Oregon at 4. m.
On Tuesday, CT arrived at Jerry World's stadium at noon on Thursday--
Thanks to the two drivers who put the pedals on the metal, stop as little as possible ---
More flash and shake than any other truck on the road.
About twenty years ago, Nike
Founder and chairman Phil Knight and his top design lieutenant, Tinker Hatfield, a former Oregon track and field player, began making Oregon the coolest team in college sports.
Thanks to the dedication of the company, the plan was successful. -
It designed the new "O" in Oregon and gave it cutting
Edge technology and appearance-
The team's own style of play completely changed the style of the game.
While it is easy to see the complexity of the team wardrobe on the biggest stage, few people will fall behindthe-
The scenario looks at how the engine works.
So we came here because Oregon's equipment crew was driving one by one in two locker rooms at AT&T Stadium, the national championship for college football playoffs, issued by AT&T, will be held on Monday night (ESPN, 8:30 ET).
The first task is to put the nameplate next to the locker.
Farr, his only.
Time job is responsible for managing football equipment, checking the locker nameplates and organizing them by position group.
Quarterback Marcus Mariota's name appears on the first locker closest to the door.
"We put the quarterback closest to the exit because it's just the way I learn," Farr said . " When he went to Oregon, he was a student manager who returned to work at school after running retail stores, selling mortgages and odd jobs in his father's furniture industry.
The one who helped the Farr to make the nameplate was osbldo Escatel, which the player called "Ozzie ".
"You can see that he likes the job.
There was never a smile on his face.
It was very good for a senior as his college trip was delayed by the Marines by two trips to Afghanistan.
Farr was also assisted by Wasson, who oversees the equipment of other teams in Oregon.
There are 90 lockers and 105 players, so despite not having the chance to play, the Red Shirts will still dress and they will share the lockers.
After the name went up, the Jersey came out of the bin.
As has been discussed, they do not feature green and yellow school colors.
It's rare, but it's not the first time for Oregon.
In last year's game against Arizona, the two Ducks wore a similar white, silver and gray combination, wearing white and silver costumes in the game against the University of Southern California on 2010.
Nike officials, fall and Oregon head coach Mark helfridges attended a meeting this spring, setting out their expectations for the college playoffs.
"They showed it to us and we signed it," Farr said . ".
"There was actually no discussion.
The truth is that our tradition has not been traditional, and that has come with it.
"Oregon is wearing its hometown green dress in the Rose Bowl competition launched by Northwest Mutual help because it is higher --seeded team.
But in the Championship, the Ducks chose to wear white clothes ---
Even if they are higher seeds-
So they can show their other side.
"This is a beautiful uniform," Farr said . "
"It's a shame to never wear it.
Helfrich is more inclined to Farr than his predecessor, Chip Kelly.
When Kelly didn't like an idea, he made it very clear.
He opposed making a pink jersey for breast cancer awareness because he felt it was unfair to pick out just one cause of cancer.
He likes black and orders for his costume as much as possible.
Kelly's motto "win a day" happened to be sewn on the back collar of the championship jersey, but Helfrich did inject his motto "You.
Yesterday, "on some jerseys this year.
After talking about some ideas with players and Nike, Farr orders blank uniforms for the next season every October.
In February, he sat down with Nike again to mix and match the combinations, which were fully designed when the spring race began.
At the beginning of the season, Farr did not get all the equipment at the same time.
While Oregon has a new $68 million football center, one of the things that hasn't been upgraded yet is the equipment room.
The current room was built in 1995, when Oregon was a typical team with a helmet and two different jerseys for a full season.
Every Oregon player has 7 different helmets, 7 different jerseys, 6 different splints and 5 different sneakers this season.
Count the pants, warm.
With Ups, chinstraps and 50 different styles of masks, the Farr team has nearly 20,000 gear barcodes and scanned into one system.
When the device man handles what it has, the spill enters an old locker room.
One of Farr's jobs is to calculate how much each photo of the school will cost.
Nike gave Oregon $600,000 in cash and $2 this year.
According to Farr's wishes, 2 million of equipment and another $185,000 were spent, but that was not enough.
That's why Knight himself writes a check for a special uniform once or twice a year, like this year's vintage uniform, which the team wore to celebrate the 20 th anniversary of the 1994 Rose Bowl team.
The helmet is now being treated in the dressing room.
Designed by graphics, this helmet has been immersed in chrome paint and painted white to create the appearance of the wings.
About $650 per vehicle.
The equipment manager places O in the middle of the back of the helmet and puts a sticker for the national championship.
Being part of the Nike R & D team is as valuable to Oregon as the cost of these projects.
Nike designers often practice test splints.
A version may be 30 iterations of a particular shoe.
The other one could be 90.
Before the shoes went public, players made some minor adjustments to feedback.
When the shoes are ready, players in Oregon may get it first, which can sometimes cause problems for Farr.
"They wanted to wear it right away because it was cool," Farr said . ".
"Well, maybe they have a problem with their ankles or it's not the right shoes for them.
I need to tell them first about their performance.
I usually bring a coach to support me if there is a problem.
"There are real custom items here too.
Nike measured Mariota and built custom pads on the ground floor of his uniform.
There are a few special things that Riddell has also done: the facemask of Mariota clarifies "8-0-
8. "This is the area code of Honolulu where he grew up.
Farr and his staff must also remember the player's preferences.
Wide receiver Keanon Lowe likes to get the new gloves a few days in advance so he can break them.
Center Hroniss Grasu got the cage frame facemask known by Ray Lewis and Justin Tuck in the NFL.
Farr's biggest mistake happened in his first full year.
"Our quarterback Darron Thomas is wearing rib pads and we played a game on the road and I forgot to take the shirts with those pads," Farr said . ".
"So I had to make this shirt from scratch.
"All the devices are carefully considered, but there is some redundancy ---
Including four different Mariota jerseys. -
Just in case. Farr is a mild-
Polite guy, he admits his job will be more enjoyable when his players do what they expect.
When you're done, take the mat out of your pants.
Before the uniform is put into the laundry room, classify it after practice.
Try not to lose things.
Red shirt freshman Danny martinley is the biggest criminal on the team.
Mattingly admitted: "I put things in the wrong place . "
"So I will see someone else's shirt and I will put it on and put it on.
"Martinley said he recently liked a shirt that was the property of Andre Yruretagoyena, the attacking striker.
"This is a 4XL," Mattingly said . ".
"I asked these guys to look at their apartment and bring their stuff in so we could get ready for the Rose Bowl and the championship game," Farr said . ".
Danny brought two pieces of equipment.
Is that okay, he said?
"The cool factors associated with all Oregon gear have not lost their potential future.
Almost all the recruits got a Equipment room tour from Farr, although it's been a long time since they made custom jerseys or gave them anything.
"They asked me what special Jordan we would get next year," Farr said . ".
Mariota's favorite shoe is the special make-up of Air Jordan III released a few years ago.
This shoe is very rare and very popular, and the New York shoe dealer flight club currently lists a pair of shoes to be sold for $6,500.
Working for an employee is even a coveted position.
Escatel and Kwame Mitchell are senior rock singers.
The top fade out, nicknamed "Chocolate Thunder", is about to graduate, which means that there will be two places for the team to compete.
Farr is expected to have 40 applications, and after the interview he will narrow the application to 10, the finalists will see at the spring dance.
The person who won the scholarship: in-
National tuition and book fees worth about $10,000 a year.
With the help of Nike, Oregon has not only completely changed the college rugby uniform game, but also changed the scope of work that people behind the scenes have done and continue to combine all of this.
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