metal label Found Detecting Pensacola Treasure with Whites Metal Detector

by:ShunDing     2019-05-29
My dear husband is one of those who always need to start new projects or look for new loving ones to learn and stay motivated.A few months ago, after watching a show at the Mel Fisher treasure museum, he decided to become a treasure hunter.We visited the museum in Key West and he reminded me how much I liked the beach and suggested that it was a hobby that we could all do together to market the idea to me.
His last hobby, Texas Hold'em, was a bit of a torment to me, and it was too expensive.As an understanding wife, I said, no matter what baby, do what you like, I think it may be interesting and we can try this one.This gives him a thumbs up and buys the metal detectors he needs to pursue this new passion.
He is such a person.
He was like a real professional at first.He does research and buys the best metal detectors he can afford.Accessories are an important part of hobbies.
You must look good, according to him.
The white label Metal detector arrived with the other 7 boxes.One has a hard suitcase, the other has a metal spoon with a long handle, and the other has multiple hats with lights on them, just as he goes to mining...Sighing, there is a book in the other box about where to find these treasures, only God knows what else is in the other boxes, I stopped looking.
I'm sure he doesn't need that half, but he insists he needs it.Looking for characters is half the battle, he said, and I 've been married long enough to know that in his case he really believes it's true.He is now a proud owner of 300 of white beach hunters capable of underwater exploration.
It can aim at 3 feet of the metal buried underground.I told my sister this new hobby that she laughs like her every year since my husband and I got married.She laughed because she thought we were too immature.
She laughed because she was on holiday with us all the time and she knew that we subscribed to Murphys Law (will, whatever the problem is), a bit like the Chevy Chase Holiday.She asked me what I thought about the new love and I told her the truth.As long as he continues to take me to the beach, I will go in and if he can't find anything and looks frustrated, I will be the first person to keep him busy and interested.
And commented on how my husband and I started the metal test for fever, but so far I 've only used metal detectors a few times and managed to find a trivial thing.26 cents.The precious past encourages us to stick to it and we do it.Soon after, I heard that a new Anglo-Saxon gold and silver treasure was discovered in England.
This is the center of the details he posted.Found-Anglo-.While on vacation at Pensacola Beach, the most important activity is naturally the metal exploration coast, followed by the park.We have done some research to see what is best in the neighborhood.
I usually like to walk a few steps behind my husband carrying a second shovel in case I find a big problem.Even though I was distracted by every beautiful shell, little crab and lovely kid I met.Only when I see him throwing me past with a hint of excitement on his face will I speed up.
We spent about 45 minutes on the beach and found multiple Soda labels, metal beer hats and a few pennies and coins.In this dig, the metal detector flashes the lights frantically, marking the big ring.Once we dug about 6 inch in the sand and we came up with a ring.
It seems to me that it is a golden orange stone, but in my opinion it is not like gold, more like bronze with a green salt mine.No matter what it is, it is the first treasure we have found and very exciting.We also managed to find a Browning knife, an AA hope coin and an ankle bracelet with the charm of a peace sign that day.
We talked about the good luck we had for the rest of the day and vowed to visit a jewelry store at the suggestion of an older gentleman we met on the beach.He happened to do metal detection with a 79-year-old friend and gave us some tips and places to try our luck.He is a member of a metal detection club and has 18 years of exploration experience.
He happened to have a magnifying glass on him and was excited for us after seeing our newly discovered ring.The lady at the jewelry store took out her gold test kit and started the test and broke our dream when she said it was not gold.We continued to drive home, determined not to give up.
If it's gold, what kind of metal is that?This problem is bothering us. after returning to our hometown, we brought it to a friend with a jewelry store.He tested the ring again.Sure enough, it's not gold to test again.He took out his silver tester and bingo and the ring happened to be silver.
He told us that the old silver, which has been exposed to elements and salt for a long time, will eventually become salty gold.Whether it's a yellow crystal or an orange sapphire, the gems are real.As far as I know, only the sapphire is blue, but he says that although it is rare, all the sapphire is colored.
The ring has been shipped to gemologists to determine the actual gems and quality more accurately through the spectrometer.If it is valuable, we are waiting anxiously for the news.We are advised not to clean it up as it will take away any historical value.
Who knows, it may not be worth it, but it will definitely keep us motivated for some time to come.Since then, I have purchased my own white metal detector that covers twice the ground when probing outside.After getting a general idea of the different metal detectors and their functions, I went into a dive shop and settled on the Whitehorse Prizm 6 t, which is PrizmsI like it because it is a little lighter than my husband.
It has a panel that will let you know what is below when you sweep the metal.If you just want to mine certain targeted metals, such as those marked as coins or artifacts, it also has nine distinguishing settings.I am getting more and more familiar with this panel as it has multiple tones and flash lights.
I am currently also learning how to distinguish different types of metal noise.My original intention was to look for pirate loot of shipwreck that might be found on the beach.I also considered the possibility of looking for missing jewelry.
Others use it to search for abandoned old buildings and Woods, hoping to find old historical coins, possible gold reserves, and historical artifacts of past times.The best and most successful metal detection enthusiasts actually do quite a bit of research to increase the chances of finding something of value.They may spend quite some time at the local public library researching out-of-date magazines for past gathering areas of our former people.
I have to say that it's not as easy as it looks, but it's definitely a fun pastime, fun, and a great way to keep fit
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