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by:ShunDing     2019-05-29
When printing, in such non-woven bags, some often use metal plates or non-woven bags to achieve visible resultsThe wire mesh of the metal standard edition can be used more in this type of printing ink, but it is not easy to choose the right ink (paint.Here, I quoted the logo commonly used in screen printing ink. let's look at it together!1. porcelain paint: Single-Fluid model formula, crossoverLinks occur when hot storage performance is better.
It can be stored for six months to one year.It has good finish, wear resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance, so it is the most common.Alcohol resin, acrylic resin and polyester resin with these properties.
Epoxy powder has a tendency to break.
it is generally not suitable for outdoor use, but it is fast in drying and has good chemical corrosion resistance.With constant physical properties of Hu Pin, such as chemical resistance and weather resistance, molding, hardness and gloss, it is the most widely used alcohol and acid paint.2, air dry enamel: ordinary drunk acid is made of it, it takes oxygen in the air, achieves curing by reaction.
The drunk acid enamel oil is represented by the type and quantity used.The longer dry oil takes, the longer the drying time of enamel.Under the condition of drying rate, the paint dries for a long time and the surface durability is generally good.
Paint for outdoor metal signage.
dissolved volatile ink: in order to achieve drying, only solvent fluctuations can be relied on.Based on the inherent material properties in the collection, the final performance of the coating liquid before the preparation of the polymer.Thermoplastic acrylic polymer containing such.
The main part of the screen printing ink is usually dissolved and damaged
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