mexico president calls for truth commission on conquest - metal plaque

by:ShunDing     2019-11-06
mexico president calls for truth commission on conquest  -  metal plaque
On Tuesday, Mexican president Andrés Manuel Lopez ogaddo asked Spain to establish a fact --
1519 commission of inquiry-
1521 conquer Mexico to determine what to apologize.
Spanish Foreign Minister Borrell quickly overturned the idea, saying, "it is clear that Spain will not issue an apology as requested.
"It seems a bit strange now to ask for an apology for what happened before 500," Borrell said during his trip to Argentina . ".
"In the same sense, we will not ask France to apologize for the acts of Napoleon's soldiers when they invaded Spain," Lopez Obrado's offer to incite old ghosts caused some confusion that Mexico also responded.
Some wonder if Mexico will ask for an apology from France or the United States.
They both invaded Mexico.
Some say Lopez's grandfather was Spanish.
Lopez Obrador said he would like the Commission to determine who is abusing his authority so that Spain can apologize.
Within a few decades after the Spaniard arrived in Mexico, most of Mexico's indigenous population died, mainly due to diseases from Europe.
"What we want to see is if we can make up a joint group to do something --
Learn what's going on and humbly accept our mistakes on that basis, "Lopez o'buydo said Tuesday.
"In this way, if there is abuse or no abuse, we will know what happened before 500 and how it happened.
"Few people would seriously doubt that the first battle between the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes and the Chontal Indians in Tabasco around March 25, 1519 began with abuse, which marks what the Mexicans call
But the Spanish government believes that "before 500, the Spanish came to Mexican territory today and cannot be judged according to contemporary considerations.
For about a century, Mexico has been willing to give up its assessment of historical crimes related to conquest.
The official philosophy is stated on a plaque erected in the 1960 s at the toralco square in Mexico City, commemorating the last battle in August 13, 1521 when the Aztec Empire fell into the hands of the Spaniards.
"This is neither victory nor failure, but the birth of the pain of the hybrid (mixed-race)
This is the country of Mexico, "the plaque says.
In fact, before Lopez o'dondo asked Spain for an apology on Monday, most Mexicans seemed content to ignore the anniversary.
Rosa Maria Gonzalez Moreno, 61, a primary school teacher, has been passing through the Church of Jesus nazarno in Mexico City for many years and never knew that it had a Cotts tomb.
In fact, almost no metal plaque near the altar marked what was considered Bryant's final resting place.
It was not until a week ago that Gonzalez Moreno attended the rehearsal of her godson's first communion that another parish resident told her about the grave.
"Imagine, over the years, I 've been passing here every day and never knew where Cortes were buried," says Gonzalez Moreno . ".
"You have to understand history, good and bad.
The Spaniards brought bad things and good things.
It is said that we would not have been Catholic without them.
"One thing that people are rethinking is how big the impact of conquest is: a recent study suggests that conquest may have changed the global climate.
Research by researchers at University College London suggests that the death of so many indigenous people throughout the hemisphere may have triggered massive forest growth --
Absorb so much carbon from the atmosphere that global temperatures drop in 1500 seconds and 1600 seconds.
Some of the reconsiderations now have taken unexpected directions.
A senator from Lopez o'bido's left-wing molena party, vegan actress Jesse rodeitz, suggested that Mexicans give up their beloved grilled pork tacos because the Spaniard called it tenochtitland.
"You should realize that every time you eat a grilled pork tacos, you are celebrating the fall of Tenochtitlan," roderitz said in a video on March 14 . ".
Former President Felipe Calderon called Rod Riggs "crazy" and acted as if she had attacked Mexico's national values.
"I like carnitas (roast pork)
They are a symbol of us, "Calderon wrote.
Lopez Obrador said he does not want to fight and he believes the 500 anniversary of the conquest is an opportunity for the "year of reconciliation.
He pointed out that 2021 will also be 200 anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain.
On Tuesday, Lopez Obado admitted that not all abuse was committed by Spain.
He said he would apologize to indigenous groups once Mexico overthrew Spanish rule.
But the president said he could not take part in the anniversary of the founding of the city of verakruz in April 22, 1519, because he was not in the mood to celebrate until things were resolved.
Historian Rodrigo Martinez Ballack says Mexico must surpass Black peopleand-
White vision of events.
"We Mexicans are very much refusing to conquer, Cortes, and Spaniards because they created the image of Spanish evil during their independence," wrote martinez Baracs, "greedy, strong, Indians weak, innocent and poor. ". “This Liberal-
The history of the times . . . . . . It emphasizes a feeling of inferiority that must be overcome.
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