mixed bag gives few clues to the next epoch - printed metal plates

by:ShunDing     2019-12-05
mixed bag gives few clues to the next epoch  -  printed metal plates
The potential for historic buildings this year is a complex issue.
They are characterized by diversity, color, fun and modern, and even after
But there is little clue about the future of architecture, new directions, deep passion or amazing experiments.
The same is more true.
The most elegant of these buildings is Lindsay Holland's Connolly residence in St Kilda, which violates all the possibilities of planning legislation and requires "neighborhood features fit ".
The clever use of steel details in the Netherlands over the years has been remarkable, but here it extends to metaphor, lightness (
Glass floats on the wall as if it is not connected)
, Bolt connection design with precision and dark polished wood flooring for car manufacturers.
The building is unique, beautifully crafted, well lit and well ventilated, but built as a solid structure that will last over time --
No mcbuilding needs continuous maintenance.
The Merle Music Bowl renovation by Greg Burgess is also notable as it deals with a major overhaul subtly, maintaining the integrity of the original concept, making both the original and the new relationship better.
The architect's success in dealing with the aesthetics of others is rare, and it shows the profound maturity of Burgess.
Winners of major awards-
Lyon Architects built an online training center for the St. Albans campus for the University of Victoria-
A building about the surface was designed.
Two big-
The floor boxes for learning mainly contain computer labs arranged around the central core corridor, some open and others independent, the interior geometry of the diagonal Channel captures and splits the building into pieces of the remaining room.
There is no special reason.
Maybe break this situation apart from the university's willingness to build something experimental.
But in Saint Albans, it is not internal that inspires imagination.
Lyon's architects have covered colorful patterned metal plates on some of their recent buildings, so the buildings look like overdressed birds on Australian landscapes.
This is almost a graphic rather than a formal exercise, although they do allow the debris of the cladding to fold out of the wall like a feather in the wind to provide a parasol for the window.
Time will define how overdecorated cabins last from a historical point of view.
With this in mind, the Times printing center on the Tullamarine Highway, designed by architects Ken Sowerby and Hashem, is a pop icon that is uncompromised, A print-facing factory it is considered the original part of industrial design.
Before June 22, we will display the winning works at the Span Gallery.
Norman Dai is a practicing architect and a part-time professor of architecture (RMIT)
An architect writer of that time.
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