monix offers tri-ply cookware line. - stainless steel name plates online

by:ShunDing     2019-10-29
monix offers tri-ply cookware line.  -  stainless steel name plates online
Monix is consolidating its New Year with stainless steel and aluminum cookware and other items that feature an inner and outer coating, polished brass, gold plated and triple-ply bottoms.
Some products can be used in the industry stovetops.
New to Oran Park. Sick.
The Premium-based company is a senior company consisting of a thick grill and grill on the 5 th.
5mm into aluminum.
Indoor sports DuPont Silverstone with magnolia-coated.
Premium products are equipped with gold or light oak lacquer handle with stainless steel hanging ring and flame shield.
"The appearance of the high grade pan is cast iron, no weight, long heat
Or cleaning-
"The problem is coming," said Thomas Duffy, vice president of sales and marketing . ". The 10-
The suggested retail price for the inch frying pan is $29, $99, while the suggested retail price for the 11 inch grill is $32. 99.
In inFebruary, you can get a good win.
The company's new Oroley pressure cooker is made of 18/10 stainless steel with three layers at the bottom and a stainless steel protective plate.
It also features a phenol handle, an auxiliary handle, and a stainless steel flame protection device.
"The pressure cooker was developed directly for the mass merchants," Duffy said . ".
"This special product directly wins the competition at the same price as the aluminum pressure cooker.
Pressure of the product-
Sensitive valves respond to increased pressure
In the cooker, provide accurate cooking for the products in the pot.
Suggested Retail for this pressure cooker
Available inMarch-is $69. 99.
"I will be able to sell stainless steel with apressure sensitive valves for the same price that everyone else can buy aluminum," commented Duffy . ".
In the frying pan, new items include slow boards.
It is by 2.
5 mm thick aluminum, two layers of DuPont Teflon 11.
The outside of the pan has enamel spots in gray, white and black.
There is also a special handle and stainless steel flame guard.
There is a road on the slow board (
About 3/8 higher than average)
Increase the capacity of the pot.
Soft plate has a month-,8-, 9-, 10-, 11 -and 12-
The suggested retail price is $9 inches wide. 99, $10. 99, $11. 99,$15. 99 and$16.
99, respectively.
The product will be launched in February.
New convex 3-
The workpiece steamer is made of 18/10 stainless steel, 24-
Gold plated handle and knob for Karat. The tri-
The plybottom with stainless steel protection plate allows for a uniform and fast heat distribution.
The storage pot of the steamer group is 8 quarts, and the steamer part is 4 quarts. 0 liters.
The suggested retail price for this monthand is $79. 99.
As the company's existing public stock of Reggiastainless steel cookware is introduced, which is an 8-
A 6-inch omelet panquartstock pot.
Made of 18/10 stainless steel with non-
Heat conducting handle and knob, paint finish and polished brass.
The body of Reggia fragments is 1.
2mm thick. 0 mm thick tri-
Lay the bottom and stainless steel protective plate.
Industry stovetops Reggia can be used.
The retail price of omelet is $49.
The retail price of the stock is $89. 99.
Both products will be available in February.
In the steam coffee machine, Monix and Monix Oro are 18/10 stainless steel with 4-cup, 6-cup and 10-cup sizes.
The coffee machine is apre-
Existing products for induction cooker countertops and all other standard cooking surfaces have been redesigned.
The Monix Orohas a 24-
Gold plated knob and handle plug-in for Karat.
The retail price of Monixsuggested is between $39. 99 to $59.
Monix Oro's suggested retail price is $39. 99 to $69. 99.
Both will be available this month.
The Begur steam coffee machine is made of grade 3003 aluminum and is coated with a non-stick coating on the outside, teal-
Colored phenol handle and knob.
Begur can be in 3-, 6-and 9-
The cup is recommended for $19. 99 to $29. 99.
Can be bought this month.
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