‘mormon’ no more: faithful reflect on church’s move to scrap a moniker - gold name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-10-31
‘mormon’ no more: faithful reflect on church’s move to scrap a moniker  -  gold name plate
After Kristen Anderson finally put her twin baby to sleep in Fort Rex, Idaho, she described herself as a "rigid Mormon accommodation --at-home mom.
"Then she sighed loudly because a lifelong habit had disappeared and she was annoyed. "Well," she said.
"I just said the word Mommon again. I apologize.
On last August, her faith leader announced a match.
Change the revelation of GodRussell M.
Church president Nelson said, God "reminds me of the importance of the name he gave for the church.
"Members of the Church should no longer call themselves Mormons, or even use the abbreviation L. D. S.
The church announced.
Instead, they should use the full name of the church and call themselves members of the latter Jesuit Church --day Saints.
Or, if they want a shorter version, the latter-
Saint day is preferred.
Since he was honored as a living prophet, this declaration is of divine significance.
For the 16 million believers of the church, this shift means easy and pleasant screws
Ups, logistical complexity, and thinking about an unexpected question: what do you do when a name that is critical to your identity suddenly changes?
The word Mormon has been with the church since the beginning.
It comes from the Book of Mormon, the signature text of the Church (
The main thing related to the church that retains its name)
Believers believe that the prophet Mormon and his son Moroni recorded this on the Golden Plate.
At different times in the past, the church has been trying to emphasize its full name, including before 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, and has blocked phrases like "Mormon Church. ” But until Mr.
Nelson declared the divine revelation and the push did not stop.
Long term website of the church, ld.
Organization, now redirect to Christ in chutchforth. And Mormons.
Org will also switch soon.
In May, the church stops posting on its @ MormonChannel Instagram feed and encourages followers to turn to @ chutcheuvyes Christ. The church-
The affiliate Press, Deseret Book, has gradually canceled or renamed books that use the word "Mormon", prompting authors to scramble to rename their books and develop new marketing plans --
It is not necessary to use Internet search terms with 11 syllables.
When the church's iconic music organization announced in October that it was no longer called the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but the Tabernacle Choir of the Temple Square, the transition became unnegligible.
All of this left some whip whi for believers, especially after the church's 2011 "I am a Mormon" advertising campaign, leaders put ads on buses and billboards in Times Square, New York, and put thousands of Mormons on the Internet.
Some members were relieved and optimistic about a broader integration into American society.
Top of the moving signal-
Amanda Hendricks says efforts are made to ensure that faith is taken seriously as part of the Christian community
Montana oto, an assistant professor of history at Montana State University, studies the church and is not a member.
"If you walk into any Christian bookstore, Mormon is in the cult area," she said.
"Their position in the Christian tradition is difficult for many church members to be clear when sharing their beliefs with others.
In apparently evangelical Dallas, high school English teacher Felicia Ray Jimenez said that even before giving up Mormon, she usually introduced herself as a member of the latter Jesuit Church --day Saints.
"My faith has always been rooted in being a Christian, not 'I am a Mormon,'" she said '. "
Jimenez, 31, converted to religion about 10 years ago.
Nevertheless, when she told People that she was a member of the latter Jesuit Church --
Day Saints, she often loses them before her name is over half.
"You always have to get in touch with Mormons," she said . "
"Because it's been a long time, people say, 'Oh, this is the seventh time. day Adventists.
No, no, I said.
In Utah, Ms. Travis Anderson.
Anderson's brother. in-
The law has long disliked trying to convince people that his faith is actually the "excessive" time needed to build on Jesus.
"You used to say Mormon, and the first thing people would say is polygamous or racist," he said as he prepared to lead the Scout camping trip in Moab, Utah.
"Now you can start talking right away about what you think about abortion, life after death, and any other more spiritual topic.
But others are frustrated.
Even anger and confusion
On name transfer
Last summer, when Alma Loveland, in Springville, Utah, heard the news, her working day was "destroyed.
She said that being a Mormon has always been her cultural identity, although she stopped believing three years ago and now calls herself a former Mormon
Mormons or former Mormons
"This is a kind of pride for me . "
Loveland, 38, said.
"That's the word.
This is the community, my people.
Many families feel the tension of this shift.
In Virginia, Meredith Marshall Nelson, 33, said she supported the church's desire to use its official name, but, if there was no time to explain more, she found herself simply saying she was a Christian.
If Mormon became a complete taboo, she said, she would mourn for its disappearance.
"Being a Mormon, as Joseph Smith believes, means becoming a truth collector," Ms. Smith said.
Said Marshall Nelson.
"This is an identity that I will keep in my heart.
Andrew Marshall, her brother at Silver Spring, Maryland.
Described as a new call for spiritual accountability.
"When I was baptized, I believe I really accepted the name of Jesus . "
Marshall, 35, is a regional church leader.
"To some extent, my identity is included in his identity.
Because I thought more about being a member of the latter Jesuit Church --
I feel a little deeper about the Saints.
"National groups are trying to strike a balance between following church guidance and sticking to their mission.
Mormon women's fight for moral government is an active women's group that was formed in response to the election of President Trump, and it decided to keep its name, at least for the time being.
Sharlee Mulligan Glenn, founder of the group, said that if more women from other religious traditions join in, there may be changes in the future.
"In this case," she said, "it is very likely that we will change our name to women who have faith in moral government.
Before the election of 2020, Grasse-
The grassroots political movement was launched under the name "the latter"
The day of the saints of Warren and the "latter"
Harris's day of Saints ", rather than" Hillary's Mormons "in 2016 ". But Latter-
The Democratic Party of the saints of Japan, a political group most often referred to as L. D. S.
Dems retains its logo with a blue circle in the middle and an extra one in the middlelarge D.
"If the name of our page is a Democrat of the late Church of Jesus Christ --
We are releasing news about Wilber rose manipulating the census and we feel it is futile, "said the organization's national coalition.
Chairman Rob Taber is referring to the Minister of Commerce.
"We think it's a little profane.
"The leaders of the Mormon Historical Society, whose members studied various traditions related to Joseph Smith --
He published the Mormon in 1830.
At a recent board meeting, it took only five minutes to decide to keep their names.
W said: "You can't erase the" Mormon "from the History of Mormon '. "
Paul Reeves, President of the organization
The Church of Jesus Christ of the latter
Saints may be the largest, but dozens of other religious groups can also be traced back to Saints. Smith.
The Community of Christ, formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ's post-Saints, is based in Missouri, appointing women, with a quarterMillion members
There is also the Church of Jesus Christ, whose website is "the Church of Jesus Christ ".
Org, there are only three letters from the new Church of Christ. org.
Over time, there are also smaller groups that don't even exist yet.
Then, there is another question, given all the Christian churches outside the Christian church that are connected to Mr. Jesus, who would claim to be "the Christian Church of Jesus"Smith. For many of the latter
The most important clues of the day saints come from the church's iconic music organization, known as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir since 1929.
Last year, the band toured Los Angeles and sang at the Disney Concert Hall, when a bishop asked the choir leader to start thinking about the new name.
Ron Jarrett, president of the group, said at first many performers were "a little nervous" about the idea ".
"That's what the world knows about us," he said before traveling to Scandinavia next summer, when he received a phone call from Sweden.
"It's a huge brand issue for us.
They carefully considered various options: the tabernacle choir of Salt Lake City, the tabernacle choir of Utah, and the tabernacle choir of the latter Jesus Christian Church --
Finally, the choir of the Tabernacle in the Temple Square was boarded.
Nevertheless, the organization has had to deal with a range of legal issues such as how to protect copyright and record labels.
The products and recordings made before 2019 will retain the previous legal name, but the new products and recordings will not be retained.
"It's an opportunity for me to really assess who we are and what we represent ,"Jarrett said.
"I can say, 'I will follow a living prophet, and our music will remain the same.
The singers have given up their catchy nickname, MoTabs.
They are experimenting with a new one, sir.
TCats or TabCats, said Harley.
"I think it will take a while for it to really stick to it," he said . ".
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