mormons in williamsburg: missionaries focus on brooklyn outreach with 'street sweeps' (video) - metal name plaques

by:ShunDing     2019-10-16
mormons in williamsburg: missionaries focus on brooklyn outreach with \'street sweeps\' (video)  -  metal name plaques
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The latest group of street musicians on Bedford Avenue gather around the corner of North Ninth Street, with the strings and guitars.
More than a dozen men in their 20 s came from all over the country to perform for the funky serenade, although their performance attracted the attention of most passers-Ignore them. But the fresh-
The face in the dress pants, white collar shirt, tie and metal plaque smiled.
"I am the child of God, and he sent me here," they sang, trying to distribute information cards about the Mormon church, officially called the Church of Latter-day Saints.
"Even if one person says" yes "and the rest say" no ", I am happy," said Darling McEwan, a missionary . ".
"I feel very satisfied.
"No matter how people respond to me, I know I'm doing what God wants me to do," McEwan said . ", A native of California, who plays football in college, then takes a break to join the task.
20-year-old McEwan and his fellow citizens recently stepped up outreach around the L train at Bedford Avenue and reached their Church south on Masi Avenue next to the Williamsburg Bridge
In recent weeks, they have started a weekly information conference called "sweeping the streets" where they talk about their religion on the sidewalk, perform music, and distribute leaflets.
"We have noticed the feeling of the community," said Kevin cardwood, the mission Chairman of the area, about the Williamsburg neighborhood they were targeting, where now more than a dozen missionaries are circulating, to be more precise, these two previously worked areas.
"I am very satisfied with what we are doing.
Calderwood says there are as many missionaries in Brooklyn as before, but they have been reorganized to pay more attention to the neighborhoods of Williamsburg church.
"We believe we're here to help," says Calderwood . " He pointed out that Mitt Romney's presidential campaign made strangers in the church more curious.
"There seems to be a strong 'what do you believe?
He said he stressed the need to "eliminate myths about religion ".
But Mr. Calderwood and the missionaries said the new outreach efforts had nothing to do with the election --
In fact, missionaries were reluctant to read newspapers, surf the Internet or watch TV during their two-year service.
"Our core purpose is to make people happy," says kabanera, a Utah native who joined the mission a year later.
Every question people ask
About elections
I said, I don't know, but I want to teach you the knowledge about Jesus Christ.
Young people say the strict rules of the day have also revolutionized their own lives.
"I was a selfish person before I went on a mission. year-
"Old Boy," cabanera says, adding that he has two months left.
"Now I am a loving person.
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