mt. kilimanjaro & amboseli elephants: the tale of ol tukai - blank brass name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-12-01
mt. kilimanjaro & amboseli elephants: the tale of ol tukai  -  blank brass name plates
The Amboseli National Park has the largest number of elephants, and they roam freely around the cottage.
Elephants are very used to it, so you will find a feeding elephant outside the room.
Amboseli Park is a classic postcard symbol for Mt.
Kilimanjaro and Amboseli in Africa.
This photo is familiar to most tourists, with a group of elephants rolling in the clear water on it, with a bald backgroundsnow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro.
I am chatting with Soila, project manager of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project. The mid-
The early morning sun, the warm orange light under the blue sky, cast lush green on the swamp of Ol Tukai lodge.
Walking in the background is one of soila Adam's favorite accusations, Adam.
Adam is in his 30 s.
He explained that he had broken the fence and lived near the cottage, and the beautiful Maasai woman who had worked for the project for more than 20 years could recognize most of Amboseli's elephants.
I think he likes to be in the back of the tree at times, people walk past him and he blows the horn to scare them away.
He left for four months at kimana, a farm 40 kilometers away from him, with a group of lions.
Adam disappeared on the horizon, a gray hulk and Mt.
In the blue sky, Kilimanjaro sticks together like a poster.
She continued that the AERP office is located in the cabin in the middle of Amboseli.
Elephants affect them [
Meaning of cabina lot.
You have to look at the chandelier of the tower [
Thank God.
Hanging above the bar
There are elephant brass coins on the doors of all the cabins.
In addition to the huge wooden elephant next to the bar and other bars
Phernalia Amboseli TESOL Tukai or so.
By the way, Ol Tukai is the name of the Palm found around Amboseli swamp, which is very important in many Maasai ceremonies.
Ol Tukai is a beautiful cottage, nestled on the edge of the swamp, fed by Mt. 'S snow
Kilimanjaro, the highest freedom in the world
Standing Mountain
I like to run a few laps in the pool and then do a mini massage at the beauty clinic.
One was spoiled in the cottage with a variety of things, from French manicure and pedicure to aromatherapy massage, while the elephant was busy in the swamp outside.
The AERP project was launched by Cynthia Moss, the world-famous elephant authority, in Amboseli.
Cynthia came to Amboseli in her early 70 s, thus starting one of the greatest chronicles of the Elephant Family in the world.
AERP is the longest and most detailed elephant in the world.
Today, audiences around the world know names like the echo of Adam and Amboseli, who watch wildlife documentaries in a comfortable living room.
The elephants in Amboseli are very special.
Each of them has a file with photos, names, numbers and codes.
Like its founder, the project is considered the longest and most detailed study of free-living elephants since 1972.
It is used as a model for assessing elephant conditions in other African populations.
It is also increasingly used as baseline data for elephant social and reproductive models.
Elephants are like people commenting on Soila.
Some people are strange, some are lonely, some are friendly and some are crazy.
The swamp of Ol Tukai is very charming because it is home to the EB family.
Cynthia pioneered her research and named each one in a letter family unit.
Starting with the original WEEE group, a generation under the family tree has split into EA, EB, EC.
We met the echo of the EB team in the afternoon game.
She is really beautiful, with a pair of perfectly slender, curved ivory that touch each other almost in perfect symmetry.
The youngest calf with her.
Echo is a female parent of her team, in her 50 s.
Ol Tukai of Amboseli, after long rains to feed swamps and grass, is now full.
As we climbed up the vents of nomashaw, the beauty of the Salt Lake grew under the sinking sun, and the small mountains of the new world, when mammo elephants, Mastodon elephants and swordtooth cats ruled the Plains and birds, wingspan is 30-
Fly up the sky with your feet.
The time span of the new world is from 1.
From 8 million years ago to the last ice age of 10,000 years ago.
This is also the time for thinkers of the same kind to become smarter and better at using stone tools and effective honey --gathers.
On the crater of Mount Noma Shaw, clouds rise from Mount Everest. Kilimanjaro.
The elephants of Amboseli feed in the swamp below.
It is estimated that in 15 years, the snow of Mt.
Kilimanjaro will melt.
Research shows that 73 of Mt's glaciers
Mount Kilimanjaro has disappeared for a century.
The melting of Mount Kilimanjaro is said to be a direct result of global warnings.
We know today that we depend on the ecosystem.
Amboseli without Mt mountain snow
Kilimanjaro may be just a shell.
From the game drive later in the evening to Ol Tukai, Mt.
Mount Kilimanjaro stands perfectly through the open doors of the foyer.
In a classic photo of Amboseli, a lonely gray bull walks on the mountain.
Outside, Maasai moran hosts dinner and stars shine like hot rocks in the sky.
How to get there: your tour operator will pick you up from the airport for the night at the Nairobi hotel.
Alternatively, you can choose to go directly to Amboseli depending on the time you arrive at the Jumo Kenyatta International Airport.
The transfer from Nairobi to Ol Tukai lodge is about a 3-hour drive from the van.
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