muscle cars from '60s and '70s face off at february shannons auction - custom made name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-03
muscle cars from \'60s and \'70s face off at february shannons auction  -  custom made name plates
Famous GM, Ford and Chrysler muscle cars from Australia and the United States will boast at the February 23 Melbourne late summer auction.
Four Australian V8
There are 4 fighters with engines-
Speed manual gearbox to make their activities more popular
After the car enthusiasts and collectors by performance.
Holden lovers have a very special "Bathurst Monaro" to cheer
A very collectible 1968 series I Holden HK GTS 327 coupe with Picardy Red white interiors is a rare dealer
Install the parchment vinyl roof.
This real survivor car.
There are only three new owners in the driving era. It is important to keep its original running equipment, including its four --
Salisbury speed Saginaw gearbox 10-
Bolt urst fuel tank and console-Bolt limited slip difference, factory tramp Rodmounted tacho.
All the labels seem to never get off the bus, the body number is 81837KR-00216-
It is 216 example of Sydney manufacturing.
According to the supplier, although Monaro has been in dry storage for the last 27 years, it has been maintained regularly and works well today.
The last registration was in 2005 and if sold to a new state buyer, the new state custom license plate "327 hk" will be included.
Also appealing to Ford enthusiasts is the time warp condition "no reserve" silver fox 1969 xw gt, which won the "best unrepaired xw gt" award among the three GT nationals.
This is one of the 41 XW GTs built in June 1969, originally delivered to its first owner via the southern Hobart car, this amazing Falcon has a recorded history
Half in tazhou.
It is believed that there are only four owners of the new company.
GT is considered one of the last known Silver Fox Falcon GT, it still wears most of the original paint, stripes and trademark decals, it offers full
The important owner's manual and service manual indicate that it has traveled only about 3,000 miles in the past 15 years and currently has an odometer of 72,120 miles.
Because they're good.
Shannons expects the history and rare unrecovered status of Monaro GTS and Falcon xw gt to be sold for $80,000
The price range is $100,000. Second-
The rating of Australian Muscle Car enthusiasts is 1972.
The speed manual Holden hq ss 253 V8 sedan uses the 1970s color scheme of "lettuce alone (lime green)
Decorated with black vinyl and a houndrel and a time warp 1975 Falcon xb gs Fairmont 351 V8 sedan-
Both are newly installed with four motion options
Speed manual gearbox.
Headquarters is one of the first SS sedans completed in August 1972 and is considered to have been originally Melbourne-
A pressure test car was built.
Fairmont is a height-optioned ex-
Ford executive completed a rare color combination of metallic sandstone beige and Chamois nylon cloth interiors, and currently shows more than 100,000 km of the belief on its odometer to be true.
Thanks to their history and choice, both cars are very attractive to collectors, and mountain farmers cite a $30,000 range of guidance
Holden Hotels $35,000, $30,000-
Fairmont hotel is $38,000.
At the auction, muscle car enthusiasts in the United States have also been well catered to, and more than 60 classic models of GM, Ford and Chrysler have also participated in the auction.
The brave representative of GM is a good left-back. hand-
Drive 1977 "Big Block" Camaro 454-
Cid coupe with three
Speed automatic transmission and Hearst transmission.
This ugly-looking Camaro was imported to Australia in 2010 and has since been registered on the Victoria club license plate.
In addition to its appeal, it is equipped with an impressive sound system that makes it part of the perfect cruising machine and American muscles, estimated for $15,000$20,000.
Ford's 1964 Galaxie Fastback is equipped with 300 hp-rated 390-
Cid V8, 4 barrels of carburetor, 10. 1: 1 compression
It is reported that Galaxie has only three owners from new and has been with current owners for the past four years as part of a classic private collection in the United States.
Is expected to sell for $26,000$32,000 range.
Finally, from Chrysler, there is a rare 1964 left-hand-driven Royal Crown Coupe beautifully presented in black and lovely condition.
This ultimate Mopar luxury muscle machine with a 340HP V8, a private collection from Australia, is one of the few examples in Australia, making it an ideal property for an expected sales range of $26,000-$32,000.
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