name badge suppliers tips on collecting preferred names for event name badges

by:ShunDing     2019-05-27
When you use the online event registration software, it is easy to add a field to the registration form, asking the registrant to provide the preferred name for their name badge.Adding this field will delight your event participants who prefer to use something other than the official name, this means that all Roberts, Williams, Ben jamens, Christians, Baba Tobias and others will not often tell new friends they meet to call them.Before continuing to add this field, consider how to format the badge.
Now, some careful thinking will help prevent some time-consuming edits when laying out and merging data into badges.If you just add a field called "badge name" to the registration form, you can collect some data, but the following may happen: 1.Some enter only the first name and some enter the first and last name.
Either way, you have the data, but you may want to keep all the badges consistent, so you have to edit all the "badge names" data before making them.2.You will not be able to automatically sort name badges by last name.If your activity is small, maybe it's not a problem, but if you have hundreds or more badges, you'll need to arrange them alphabetically by last name to be more efficient.
If the first and last names are combined in the same field and you do alphabetical sorting, it will be sorted by first name.3.You will be limited by the layout and formatting options.Usually, you will see the first name of a font larger than the last name and the first and last name on different lines.
You can also decide that you only want the name on the badge.If you collect first and last names in the same field, you will be doing some manual work of separating names, or you will need to learn some Excel tricks to parse the data automatically.To make it easier to generate a name badge, we recommend the following: 1.
Add a field in your registration form called "name of the name badge.This sentence makes it clear that you are only behind the name.2.Most of the time, the name of the name badge is just a variation of the name, so there is no need to ask for "The last name of the name badge ".
Set up the online registration form, automatically get the data from the regularefirst name field and copy it to the first name of the name badge field.4.This makes it easy for people who don't have a badge name change because they don't need to do anything.5.For people who do have alternate names, they just have to edit the name shown in the field.
If your online registration system cannot automatically copy the registrant's name to the name of the badge field, you should force the name of the badge field to be used.If not, some people may leave the field blank, which means that you must manually edit the blank field to include the name before you start merging to create the badge.Using these suggestions will allow you the flexibility to format and sort name badges to accommodate requests made at the last minute by a customer, boss, or committee without having to spend hours manually editing the data.
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