name plate stolen: bharat bhawan brass name plate stolen | bhopal news - times of india - brass name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-10-13
name plate stolen:  bharat bhawan brass name plate stolen | bhopal news - times of india  -  brass name plates
Bhopal: only 50 m away from the chief minister's residence, the brass nameplate of the multi-art complex Bharat Bhawan was stolen.
The theft of 30-year-old fine art has surprised people with security measures in the most protected areas of the capital.
Although the incident occurred about three months ago, the authorities in Bharat Bawan kept the matter confidential.
Worried about the impact, they did not even complain to the police, nor did they try to get CCTV footage from dozens of surveillance cameras installed around the chief minister's residence.
The theft occurred this summer, sources said.
The thief stole at least three brass.
The letters are fixed on the wall near the entrance to Bharat Bhawan.
Right behind the wall is a security post.
It has four family guards and three on-call internal security personnel on 24 hours a day.
To cover up the problem, the missing letters are first replaced by duplicates in steel.
But when they don't match the original, they are removed.
"The theft happened a few months ago and we are still investigating the exact number of stolen letters.
Once determined, we will file a complaint, "Chief Executive Officer, Bharat Bhawan (CAO)
Tarun Bhatnagar told TOI.
Designed by Charles Correa, Bharat Bhawan boasts rare works of art from SH Raza, MF Hussain and J swaminetti.
A painting belonging to J. Swamingham, worth Rs 5, was damaged during an exhibition in 2012.
Shortly after the incident, the capital project administration (CPA)
CCTV monitoring is required throughout Bharat Bhawan.
However, they have not been installed by the CPA.
In the rear view, authorities say cameras at least at the gate are useful for tracking the perpetrators.
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