new department plaques to cost €15k - metal name plaques

by:ShunDing     2019-10-16
new department plaques to cost €15k  -  metal name plaques
It will cost about 15,000 euros to change the name plaque from the Ministry of Arts, Sports and Tourism to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports, located in Killarney and Dublin.
The money is considered to be the tip of the iceberg of the total cost of replacing websites, stationery and signage after redecorating
In the arrangement of the words in the department name announced in the recent cabinet reshuffle, the names of the five government departments have changed.
The total cost of the re-adjustment has not been estimated.
These departments are currently discussing the issue with the Treasury Department, which will soon advise the cabinet on the overall cost. googletag. {});
Labor estimates the total cost of each sector at € 10 million, or € 2 m.
This is based on the fact that when the Ministry of Social Welfare became the Ministry of Social, Community and Family Affairs in 1997, it took 2 million euros to replace the title paper and the logo on the nameplate outside the office.
Tourism of the ministry, culture and Art € confirms that it has set aside about 15,000 of the two "big surface mounting exterior signs including antique personalized lettering" and an "entrance foyer for a surface mounted interior display" in Killani's office" external plaque for surface mounting-
Enter the "logo" at the Kildale Street office in Dublin ".
A spokesman said: "There is no order for the sign at present.
Under the public procurement regulations, the department will seek offers and signage options from various signage suppliers before selecting the most appropriate options and suppliers.
"After the announcement of the name change, the department sought the estimated cost of replacing the existing signage to determine the scale of the costs associated with the work.
This cost is the basis for an estimated expenditure of 15,000 euros.
Labor's ciaran Lynch said that while the money could be considered a small part, it was "just the tip of the iceberg ".
"Stationery, websites, and even different logo designs must be modified, which must be commissioned and paid. ” googletag. {});
Under the change of reshuffle, the Ministry of Enterprise, Trade, employment became the enterprise and innovation sector, which replaced the Ministry of Social and Family Affairs as certain employment responsibility was transferred to the Ministry of Social Security.
Mr. Lynch said that the costs associated with changes in the art sector were avoidable because its functions and responsibility had not changed.
"It's just a change in the order of words that will cost 15,000 euros.
If common sense had the upper hand, they could have saved taxpayers a small sum of money. ”try {_402_S }catch(e){}
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