nlc wants community active in school restoration project - office desk name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-25
nlc wants community active in school restoration project  -  office desk name plates
"Who is the funeral bell;
Fourth chargegraders.
"Rewriting of classic novels may be a call for efforts to restore turning points --of-the-century two-
Provide museums and work classrooms for future Metrocom area students.
"Ringing the Bell of Texas School" is the mantra of the NLC fund --
Work hard for 33 buildings in Lower Valley School District, located in the corner of the university parking lot on Toepperwein Road.
From 1877 to 1966, the Lower Valley school served students in the Cibolo Valley area, when it was voted to send students to Schertz-
Cibolo School District.
An opportunity to move and protect school buildings appears in the medium term
2000. A "relocation" was carried out in 2008 ".
Now, the college is ready to take the construction, renovation and restoration of the building seriously.
College officials met with business leaders and building officials.
19. Seek help in many different forms to drive the development of the project.
The college wants the community to accept the program.
Similar to the donated "paving material", which usually means a donation or volunteer program, university officials want to know who is willing to buy a door, a window, a table and chair, a door handle, or a side panel
"We are looking from anyone for a way to build this project," said vice president of facilities at Alamo college . ".
"We need you to buy one square foot floor and we want you to buy a door.
We're looking for everyone.
We are looking for anything.
The completion of this project requires joint efforts, and we hope that the community can play an active role in this and be proud of its efforts to link the future with the past.
"The $500,000 campaign aims to restore the school to a living museum of history. Fourth-
Grade students will learn Texas history while wearing period costumes, eating lunch buckets, reading beginner's books and playing campus games. Dr.
President of NLC Community Development says there are three fixes
Folding: maintaining the commitment of settlers in the area to education;
Bring the children to the campus and learn the history of Texas in a school with a long history;
Familiarize students with ida entering the university campus. Dr.
The president of Northeast Lake View said the project "is something we need to do to connect the past with the present.
We want to repeat the history of 135 and engage the community.
"Donors of a certain amount of money or goods will receive a wide variety of plaques or plaques throughout the school.
The NLC is working on a list of school sections and sections that the public can "buy" fixes on site.
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