opinion: bicycle registration is not the answer for bad behaviour what can governments do to make cycling safer? - small metal plate

by:ShunDing     2019-12-10
opinion: bicycle registration is not the answer for bad behaviour what can governments do to make cycling safer?  -  small metal plate
Let's face it: it's easy to blame a cyclist.
They get a lot of bad news. They are a minority.
A group, not a group. group.
However, we need to study the basic problems here.
Most cyclists need to monitor more closely whether the cyclists violate the rules of the road. From October 2008 to April 2009, the Amy Gillette Foundation and Monash College used ten in the metropolitan of Melbourne.
They found that only 6 of the 4,225 riders facing the red light. 9% didn’t stop.
The vast majority of people who violate the rules just turn left.
Will Registration reduce this ratio? Registering a bike can create more problems than fixing it.
The cost of the state will far exceed its income.
The police resources required to carry out the bicycle registration program are simply not worth the ability to impose fines on a small number of people who have poor cycling behaviour.
When pedestrians or cyclists violate safety road rules, they are most likely to hurt themselves, not others.
Pedestrians crossing the road or riding bicycles on shared roads too fast, the loss to society is insignificant compared with two tons of metal, rubber and plastic speeding through red lights or parking signs can be done.
Bicycle registration will be a powerful suppression of cycling.
Governments at all levels in Australia have plans and goals to improve cycling because of health, environment and congestion --
Reduce benefits.
Everyone benefits when people move from driving to cycling.
However, bicycle registration may stop (30-
40% of riders stopped riding bicycles when introduced).
Then, there are countless problems in establishing a bicycle registration plan.
Did you register the rider (
Who could have multiple bikes)
How about a bike or a children's bike?
Road mountain bikes not used in the RoadIf bike registration fee are based on the same principal as the car registration fee, almost $ zero.
Vehicle registration used to be based on the weight of the vehicle, so the vehicle caused damage to the road.
Trucks are more expensive than cars and cars are more expensive than motorcycles.
The bike is small in weight and will not cause damage to the road.
In any case, most cyclists (80%)
Driving license or tax payment with partial contribution of road funds (
As we all know, registration fees are not directly used for road funds: like almost all taxes, they are used for central revenue and are distributed as needed).
Some believe that bicycle registration will provide insurance for cyclists or third-party insurance in the event of a crash.
At least in Victoria because of any motor vehicle accident.
Members of the Australian cycling organization can also get insurance and can easily be included in other types of insurance programs.
If the bike registration changes the driver's behavior in a legal way, then I will go all out.
However, I can't see small metal plates with some numbers on them that slow down impatient drivers and help drivers "see" bikes on the road, or influence drivers in any meaningful way, make the bike safer.
Instead of registering, politicians and bike groups need to do more to promote emphasis on respecting the presence of all road users.
The bike shop should take these out whenever someone buys a bike to strengthen good behavior.
Activities like "" can help support social norms about how all road users need to slow down and respect each other.
Making more laws rarely solves social problems like interactions between different road users.
This is not a question of legitimacy: it is a question of etiquette, awareness and mutual respect.
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