p.b.a. chief eases name‐tag stand - plastic name plate

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p.b.a. chief eases name‐tag stand  -  plastic name plate
By C.
Gerald frasder
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The chairman of the patrol men's Charity Association yesterday revised his contempt for police wearing name labels.
If the department maintains a "tough" attitude and threatens to suspend non-wearers, Ken McFeeley of the company saidB. A.
President, if Laboratory tests show that plastic nameplates are not dangerous for officials, "then I will ask these people to wear them from now until we get [considered]City]Council.
"At almost the same time yesterday, acting Police Chief Michael J. A.
Lonergan issued an instruction that the license plate issued to the police must be kept by the police and must not be changed. Sir, Thursday.
McFeeley urged his union members to give the name plate to P. B. A.
Delegates objected to the order to label uniforms starting on January. 3.
Advertising on Thursday and yesterday for the benefit of journalists
McFeeley lit the plastic nameplate and his fingers suddenly burned.
This is a flammable label.
McFeeley hopes to convince department officials not to wear these labels.
The department believes that identifying the names of officials will improve community relations. The P. B. A.
The president said there were 200,000 allegations against the police each year, "because someone took their shield number," 98 was unfounded. Mr.
McFeeley said the police opposed wearing the labels because it harassed their wives and children, especially late-night phone callers.
During the administration of LindsayB. A.
The civil review committee was opposed and an advertising campaign was launched, a lonely woman was featured on the street and said the committee would put her safety at risk. Mr.
Mcferley said he would be happy to wear a nameplate with only his name, "Ken.
He also pointed out, "when you label a name, you have to take into account the ethnic background of a person.
He said: "Because if a man is called Silverberg," you can automatically say that he is Jewish, that he is Hebrew, that if it is an Irish name, that he is Irish, that he is Catholic.
Many of our Jewish police have said that it would be easier if the department just told me to wear a yellow armband, why should I wear a brand name.
"The directive of the acting police commissioner referred to the rules regarding the maintenance of police property held by police officers.
A spokesman for P. B. A.
Said yesterday, Sir.
McFeeley has about 200 on his desk, P. B. A.
I have just given instructions to the delegates to receive the labels and receipts.
So far, there is no indication of how many labels have been collected, the spokesman said.
A version of this file was printed on page 27 of the New York edition on December 28, 1974 with the title: PB. A.
The director simplified the designer booth.
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