prophet or predator? - gold name plate

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prophet or predator?  -  gold name plate
Former Ms.
Kristin Marie, Michigan, a single mother of four children, a successful entrepreneur, a young mother of the year, is deeply committed to her Mormon beliefs
She was declared a religious prophet, demeaning and prostitution in the name of religion.
Finally, as a victim of the sex trade, she was homeless, penniless, had no children and was in urgent need of help.
Kristin Mary today(
Pictures provided by Kristin Mary)
Her terrible experience was recorded in dangerous persuasion, a documentary produced by the original television (U. K. )
On Wednesday, January 30, it aired at 10 pm. m.
EST about the findings
"The tech community will be shocked by my story," said Mary.
Founder's infectious creative factory for applications and entertainment and digital media, editor-in-chief of Technorazzi magazine, www.
The founder of the voice of dignity, helping to empower survivors of exploitation.
"I publicly told it to warn people that anyone can be a victim of a mental metamorphosis," she said . ".
"It took eight years to realize that it was not my fault.
"Mary is not a typical runaway teenager who will be prey to those who claim to love and protect.
When she met ya at the Mormon Bachelor's ball, she was already an adult woman.
"He immediately fascinated me because he looked like the man who appeared in his dream, revealing the man I was destined to marry.
"I have been taught that the dream is strong because Joseph Smith revealed the ancient golden plate in his dream.
His translation of the text became the basis of the Mormon book, the tenant of our faith.
Adam convinced her that he had found a new sealed version of the gold plate he was translating.
So he will become a new prophet and Mary will be his spiritual wife.
They will be respected like Joseph and his wife Emma.
"This idea is very attractive," Mary said . "
"I want to believe him.
He even sent me the first eight chapters, written in the gold plate style, and an updated version of the New Testament.
My faith is deeply rooted and I really believe that he is the next prophet.
"Within a week, Adam began to test Mary's faith and told her that she would not be in heaven with her children forever unless she began to make sacrifices.
She will hand over all her possessions to help the poor and the poor, and even send her children to live with others.
She said: "He positioned himself as a prophet between me and God and threatened to say that if I doubted his instructions, then God would not consider me qualified to be the wife of the new prophet.
He modified her with psychological skills: told her what to do, and then denied that someone had said it;
A minute sweet love then attack her in anger and violence while threatening her with hell if she is disobedient
Classic logo for Predator use.
Soon, Mary lost her critical thinking skills and became the victim of what experts call the Stockholm syndrome, where the victim was mentally manipulated to stand with the perpetrator.
"What he said is true. I have been telling myself.
After all, God gave me this man in my dream.
The whole world depends on my obedience to him, even if it includes being devalued and sold to men.
He likened it to the suffering of Christ. " Other so-
The person known as the "believer" called her and confirmed by email what they thought Adam was the faith of the new prophet.
Adam's "new" translation of the Golden Plate has dramatically changed the traditional teachings of Mormon faith, especially adultery and sexual behavior.
Her next test is to live among the poor and the poor like Christ.
He sent her to a dangerous place in town and lived in an apartment of five men and three women, where she was repeatedly beaten and raped, all to serve God.
When two of him
Mary finally admitted that Adam was a scam and she stumbled on the brink of suicide, realizing that all her sacrifices were in vain.
"I'm going to hell anyway," she said . ".
Although Mary is homeless, she has the courage to find her son and daughter.
The other two children are with their father.
She went to the police, but since she only filed fraud charges, she was deprived of the support of the victim's defense lawyer.
The church also refused to help, saying that she broke one of their most sacred beliefs-sex outside of marriage.
Before she told her entire story and was accepted as a project to help her rebuild her life, she moved to California.
"Even though I'm an adult, I don't realize that people are evil enough to deal with evil humanely," she said . ".
Ironically, Adam is now free and still commits the same crimes against other Mormon women.
Christine Mary and her husband Tolga Catas (
Photos provided by Kristin Mary
As for Mary, her child has grown up and she has beenmarried.
"I'm not my past," she said . "
"I can choose what kind of person I want to be.
"She wants dangerous persuasion to help other women avoid becoming victims of similar programs. (*)
His real name was concealed to protect the victim. )
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