restaurant review: sarangaa - times of india - small metal plate

by:ShunDing     2019-12-08
restaurant review: sarangaa - times of india  -  small metal plate
Aahe, Yadu!
"No decoration", "authentic home --
"Local style", "value for money", "holes in the Wall", "Hidden Gems ". . .
These magical words have an accelerated effect on my heart rate.
They pushed me forward to the restaurant, and I used to turn around with a happy, stupid smile.
If this is not your scene, skip the following.
If you think I did, read on;
You will be pleasantly surprised.
I thank Mayekars for this delicious discovery-they’re high-
International superstar but still focus on Malwani gourmets.
Father of modern dentistry, pioneer of cosmetic dentistry in India
The celebration of Dr. sandash marykar was only for the Malvani meal.
His wife Swati is an excellent CA and not only ensures an excellent family
At their daughter Shivani's high-profile Lawn Club wedding, the cooked Malwani also serves only the food of the mahashitri people.
The passion for food comes from their DNA.
Shivani took the time from her successful cosmetic dentist career to become an avid food blogger. New York-
Educated Saloni works on her father's charity oral health program and is equally picky about her hometown Malwani food.
For this wonderful Mayekar family, it is my duty to discover fourmonth-
The old, awesome "saranga ".
We had lunch at the table next to our frequent visitor gourmet Sanyukta Khandke.
She also proved that.
De corritt was hidden in a dirty street opposite the temple of sidiavinak.
It's boxed, very small, 15-seater eatery.
There is a hand sanitizer bottle on each table that meets the family approval of our doctor. FOODGo on. Do it.
Lift up that prawn.
Dip your teeth into a crisp Rawa batter
Fry the coating in the flesh wrapped in moist spices.
This is the freshest shrimp (Rs 260)
On a heavy metal plate. Keep going.
Fat slices of spices and hot, shrimp slices and Surai Fry are required (Rs 255)
Red with spices and flavors.
Stuffed bill (Rs 200). . .
All foods are sliced with onions marinated with sugar and yogurt.
Our Bheja fried masala (Rs 255)
Expert proof for its freshness and flavor and outdoors!
Very delicious prawn curry (Rs 200)
Pull on the soft rice!
Organic is full of strong candle fruit
Bata style, a comforting Daal.
It's also the choice of thaali. Veg Thali (Rs 165), Fish Thali (Rs 300)
Mutton Sukkha Tarley (Rs 340).
Although the seafood was delicious, the chicken was overcooked and the lamb Suka swam in the muddy massarari.
Not enough vegetarian food.
Kharvas is not delicate enough.
Although the filling was delicious, the thick covering of Modak was disappointing. Slow service. No alcohol. No parking.
My point of view is very small. It’s no frills.
Four in Prabhadevimonth-
Traditional, Sarangaa all pipes hot authentic Malwani seafood.
High quality, low price.
After lunch here, I asked my sports foodie friends Nina and PK Vasa to check for the consistency themselves and at another meal time, Renuka and Vikas Bhatkar also
They were all pleased with the freshness and authenticity of Malvani seafood.
I am particularly happy because almost all new stores are now marked by the display of marketing power, the promotion of exotic and international cuisine.
So be a family restaurant
Stylish regional cuisine, honest cooking and prices are quietly open and it's time to be thankful
The key person behind it is Pushkar Raj gaykarAbhinandan!
Note: take-out/delivery is a great choice. Tuesday closed.
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