sex & the city near you: carrie's stylist brings manhattan to m&s - gold name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-11-01
sex & the city near you: carrie\'s stylist brings manhattan to m&s  -  gold name plate
If the highs and lows of Martha's department store are one of the most popular soap operas in the retail world, then the British chain has just released the boldest plot yet.
On Saturday night, in New York, at the start of the city's Fashion Week, Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field shows the series that will appear in the M & S store next month. Designer-and-
Celebrity collaborations have become an established way to attract publicity from high street stores, but Field's open sexy, tacky style is bold and prestigious, this is the first such major investment project of the chain. The New York-
Designers and stylists-their shops in the Bowery area of the city feature multi-color wigs, sequins and miniature wigs
Shorts and some of the more S & M outfits than M & S have fanatic followers.
Fans love the costumes and subsequent trends she created in Sex and the city.
However, a considerable number of shareholders-who oppose the display of too much cleavage clothing at this year's annual general meeting-will be seen how to deal with the plunging neckline and tight tailoring of many items in the collection.
As Field said, the series is "conceptualized" and is the destination style of New York, with 35 items to be available in the global M & S store.
The clothes blend the disco feel at the end of 1970 and the silhouette borrowed from the 1980 dynasty era, and are set up as a pumping soundtrack, in their performance, front of the Queen and the club scene-row seats.
In the picture: look at the popular trend of spring 2009. A black pencil skirt and a loose off-the-
Shoulder shirt, red Leka dress and turquoise chiffon skirt
In Studio 54, it is the right outfit to wear clothes with floating sleeves. A low-
The backed halterneck sequin jumpsuit may be the most challenging outfit, and if worn at this year's office Christmas party, it may cause some people to be dissatisfied, while the pink devore velvet prom gown may have more general appeal.
Bold accessories: Mini
Costumes and headbands brag about Carly Bradshaw's popular flower breasts in Sex and the city;
Half-cut killer heels and shoessandal, half-
Boots for risqué footwear; a shoe-
Printed tote bag is a thoughtful recognition of Bradshaw's obsession with high heels, especially Manolo blannick.
M & S has successfully positioned itself as a place to approach the trend of the classic catwalk, but the series celebrates Field's exuberant aesthetic and love for bright colors, instead of focusing on seasonal details.
The designer says the series is "a blend of the best experiences I 've had in the last 10 years or so, whether it's TV shows, movies or my own brand.
This is for the sexy women in power who rule the world.
"In 1966, field opened a boutique in the village of Greenwich, followed by her fashion career, and she began designing for movies such as Miami Fantasia and TV shows such as Wiseguy and Spin City
However, it was her sex dress suit and the city that made her the best in the world --known stylists.
In 1998, shortly after Field began working for the frenetic TV show, the eclectic, quirky set she created caught the attention of viewers, fashion media and designers.
Noting the show's ability to inspire trends and sell products, the latter began to put Field in the front row in their show, and she quickly stepped out of a popular Edge designer by drag queen, club Children and characters from New York demi
Become an important figure in the industry.
Some of her popular trends include huge flower breasts, gold nameplate necklaces, huge clutch bags and love shoes, while the latest sex and the city is a carnival of designer labels and clothing changes.
Field won two Emmy Awards and won an Oscar nomination for the Devil in Prada in 2006.
She also designed the wardrobe in the TV show Ugly Betty.
Despite this year's profit reaching 1bn, M & S share prices and apparel sales have declined in July, and executives hope that in the face of economic tightening, the celebrity appeal of the series will exceed consumers' caution.
Kate Bostock, executive director of clothing, said after the show: "At first, I was a little skeptical because she looked very extreme, but our customers liked sex and the city, I know how passionate they are about the design Patricia has done.
It all went well and we knew we would be the winners.
"When collected in mid-
In October, we will find out if she is right about the spirit of adventure and star image of the British public.
New York Fashion Week starts on Friday and so far, newer brands such as Alexander Wang and Diane von Furstenberg and DKNY have watched 2009 spring/summer fashion shows
Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein will also present the collection this week.
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