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by:ShunDing     2019-11-12
share your thoughts  -  company name plates stainless steel
What do you think of as "Ah push", a padded bikini for the sale of Abercrombie Kids, the company is mainly aimed at kidsand young teens?
Share your thoughts below.
Are we in custody of pedophile?
This is the latest children of fubar Abrocrombie, etc;
They continue to provide delicious and common sense to our young people.
We can only hope that our parents will show restraint.
In general, boys send out the message that some of us still cherish our children and their childhood! !
Given their history of promoting "sexy" underwear for kids, I have to conclude that the employees of Abercrombie kids are pedophile, which is strange, they can try to exploit us without any impact under the guise of "marketing.
At least seriously, it's disgusting!
What is Ambercrombie's mind?
Or are they just sick people?
This is an awesome idea.
The last thing I want to do is to make people look at my precious children better.
"My baby is in T-
No, thank you.
This is where predators will save Ali: To be honest, why is "the world so corrupt "?
Children do not need to show in this way.
"There are enough problems with ElSicko.
To say the least, I really think the kids bra thing is "ridiculous ".
Ali, can you tell me why "Tony" is not on CNN news at 12: 00? Be Blessed.
Ali, I would like to thank you for raising the question that this bra is suitable for this age group.
I think any parent with the right mind will agree, and there is no doubt that this is definitely inappropriate and is exploitation of young girls.
I have a tween and after seeing her friend dress, she is attracted to the clothing industry.
After taking her to the store to see soft porn photos of adolescent boys and girls on the wall, I decided not to shop in the store, I certainly wouldn't let my daughter go for a walk by showing their company name on her tops and jerseys as they advertise.
I would rather spend my money in a company that really cares about our young people.
I have a 17-year-old daughter in a dress that suits her very well (
No low cut or cleavage)
This makes dad happy.
We never asked her to go back and change her clothes or say no to her clothes.
It is disgusting to launch a bra for an 8 year old and should be illegal.
When my daughter was 14 years old, she pointed out that she also had two 14-year-old mothers in a micro skirt and a low cleavage top in her school.
One of them is pregnant.
Enough, our children are not sexual objects, and any company or parents who promote this should be fined because they basically promote all the young and young sex that the child is prepared.
Abercrumbie, you should be ashamed of yourself and all the photos of adults who are almost naked are on the wall of your store.
This is a clothing store for young boys and girls.
What message did you send to our children?
I think this is the worst idea I 've heard in years!
I would be angry if I had a daughter at that age group because I would ban Abercrombie as a shopping place.
In fact, I think this is the absolute worst example of marketing exploitation in an age group that doesn't need to grow faster than they already do!
What a timely topic when I spent the morning searching for a swimsuit online for my 11 year old daughter.
Interestingly, though, my challenge is to find a bra that really covers her, which is probably the reason I didn't see the Abercrombie bra.
The sexiness of companies like Abercrombie to girls is a huge problem for the healthy growth and development of little girls.
Parents who buy clothes like Abercrombie padded swimsuit bras put their children at risk of inferiority, eating disorders and depression-all as a result of early sexualization.
If a child's swimsuit needs an up/padded bra, does that mean her body is not working properly?
This is so sad.
What's more sad is that some parents buy bras and think they are great.
Personally, I think they should be resisted before Abercrombie starts making a positive contribution to the healthy emotional development of young vulnerable girls.
This is not the first time they have been criticized for selling sex to children.
A few years ago, they stocked a thong that was the right size for a five-year-old.
How can they get away with it?
2. What kind of parents will buy this for their children?
Is this a company promotion for peadophillia or what? Ok . .
I saw something that was not sitting very well. . .
I agree with Anita.
This is an anger.
Abercrombie should have a better moral or respect for children.
Children are not sexual objects and should be prohibited from selling.
The exploitation of young girls is not the way to sell clothing, and I am not impressed by that.
Who would wear a mini bikini for an 8 year old? ?
I think the only person who agrees with this is the predator and pedophile. .
When did Abercrombie come up with the idea of making sex objects with little children? ?
It's not worse than selling padded bras for anyone.
No matter what age, no one should wear a padded bra.
People should be happy with what God has given them.
Shame on Abercrombie!
The children have enough things to cope with these days.
They can't be kids anymore.
I think this is a regrettable child sex and Abercrombie should be prosecuted for this.
To make money, these retail companies "will sell souls and our children there "!
I will never shop in a company again!
I don't think they are terrible.
Some eight-year-old girls have begun to develop.
This makes it easier for them to disguise awkward new shapes at this stage of their lives.
I no longer hope that the Grand Duke will become the moral compass of the consumer.
The most distressing thing is not that A & F made this product, but that so many parents will be rushed out by it.
Companies like this conduct extensive market research before investing millions in product development, manufacturing, and advertising.
They already know they have buyers.
Parents should stop wasting their time and energy in companies where they are worried about corrupting their children, and consider what they can do to become more responsible parents.
It is sad and disturbing that a company will even think that a child should wear a bikini top!
What is even more disturbing is that some parents will buy this product.
What is happening to children and this society?
Why do some children grow so fast? !
I am a preschool teacher and some of our 3 and 4 year olds come to my classroom in tight jeans and tops that are basically mini-outfits for their mom! Why?
Let children be children.
This is sick, sick, sick!
I will no longer shop there for my grandchildren.
Recalling that I was a "Abercrombie kid" at the time, I knew that I was excited about this new children's padded swimsuit.
I think it will give me the confidence to be wrong about myself and highlight my view of "idealized woman.
"Obviously this is not what we want to happen to young children.
I think abercrombie & fitch has a good idea in marketing, because there are a lot of kids who beg their parents for swimsuits, but they are using the wrong ideals to further educate our children and our society.
I think it's very sad that the company is making padded bikini for young girls.
I recently saw these with my 7 year old daughter while shopping in the store and I was disgusted.
Isn't our daughter growing too fast?
The only way I can find extra layers in my daughter's swimsuit is to add a little modesty-but she won't wear two pieces of fabric on the rope if that's the case
Those who make and sell swimwear with padded cups for young girls should be ashamed of themselves.
It's not news that Abercrombie promotes child sex.
Their catalogue has long been criticized as soft porn.
Surprisingly, they are still doing business.
We are not shopping there as a matter of principle-we are Liberal Democrats.
Padded bras for 8-year-olds should be condemned, but given the source (
Men's designer Berkshire)
Not strange.
My guess is that no one runs the company, their kids are over 10 years old, or have to deal with the reality of the media's "over-sexy" hype and its effect on pre-
Ten a few-year-old and ten a few-year-old girl
I think the parents of potential buyers (Kids)
The purchase of these items should be controlled, and if the "children" are older and can be purchased by themselves, then this is their choice. .
They are little girls and only crazy people will buy them for their daughter, which is totally wrong for kids, only when they are like a coach bra and if one does that to little girls, they have actually. . .
They will be called abnormal. . . a pedofile. . .
Just because a big company is doing it can't get things right! ! !
Your child may like it. . .
But keep in mind that adults are here to protect their children from Metamorphosis and we will not let them decide on these things. . . .
For adults who think it's okay. . .
Try to be a parent instead of your daughter's BFF. . .
They have a lot of BFF. . .
What they need is parents who care about dignity and self.
Respect for children
I said resist these diseases! ! ! !
Amarillo, so much emphasis on advertising and products by TXSo has led to an outbreak of young girls' feelings of inadequacy that anorexia and malnutrition are serious problems.
This bra by Abercrombie is irresponsible because it denies young girls the right to enjoy their childhood and makes them feel even more inadequate.
I have a few young granddaughters and I'm sure I won't buy anything for them from Abercrombie and Fitch.
With the outbreak of Japan's nuclear disaster, two wars, a war against the middle class, the continuing evil of Democrats and unions, the turmoil in every corner of the Middle East, the average cost of health care for Americans has risen, GE reported a profit of $40 billion and paid a tax of £ 0, Congress received an amazing retirement package & the best health insurance, and when we were slaughtered, I found out that I was very concerned about the issue, there are very few problems wearing bikini.
Really-really! ! !
In my opinion, it depends on the parents.
We often blame retailers, broadcasters, etc.
Terrible products for children.
Hello parents. . . .
Don't buy padded bikinis for your girls, places like A & F don't sell them.
Just because a product is sold doesn't mean you have to buy it.
Companies like A & F will only make A profit if you buy A damn bikini.
I don't agree with "push-
"Bikini, but fully agree to fill.
I myself have an 8 year old daughter who is already showing signs of change.
I asked her to wear a light training bra under her coat every day.
I usually let my girl wear a full body swimsuit, but I can see myself shopping if needed.
The correct idea in the report is there, but the Abercrombie Kids are doing too much to add pushup factor.
Wow, it must be FUBAR! ! !
I will avoid that shop like a plague.
Abercrombie and Fitch are popular products for teenagers to launch this swimsuit.
Who should they be impressed with wearing this swimsuit?
If it weren't for greed, why would A & F agree to the line of marketing because its sales were successful. Shame on A&F.
I think the share price of this company is very low. Sick. Misled. Morally wrong.
I think the bra is pathetic.
It is an abuse because it conveys the message that the child is the object of happiness.
Young girls should learn that their bodies are beautiful without any changes in clothing and other aspects.
It is only an obvious plan, mainly to profit from the insecurities of the mothers of these young girls.
Does this really surprise anyone?
When you pass by Abercrombie's "costume" store, you usually see a beautiful young man who is rarely dressed.
Why can't they sell clothes of the right age?
This is totally unacceptable and should be resisted!
While feeling disgusted and projected with all the wrong information about the body image, it is clear that Abercrombie has a market in this product line.
I think there must be a problem with any parent who allows their little daughter to wear padded bikini!
I'm curious. Is this swimsuit invented by pedophile? ? ? ?
This is inappropriate for any young girl, especially the 8-year-old. Ridiculous!
Do we want our daughter to be "sexy" at the age of 8 "childish?
The next step "toddler with high heels, fake eyes --Eyelashes and makeupup'?
When can children be children without worrying about "fake breasts "?
It's incredible that sensible mothers will buy those swimsuits.
Too sexy clothes are nothing new.
Looking for age-
I have the right clothes on the 10 th. year-
She has been a challenge since the toddler's daughter: Cherry themed children's clothing is so popular and looks shabby (as if molested)
Clothes with holes or signs on clothes.
Make young girls and toddlers look more mature clothes by styling lines and patterns!
Next, this padded swimsuit just puts it a little more on your face so you can't say it's just "cute" and maybe not really what you want (
I heard a lot of people say)
I think too much about the shape of the young girl costume.
I don't know that girls before puberty need bikini tops with padding.
It does illustrate our culture and the way we look at women, when 8-year-olds are uncomfortable with their bodies before they are fully developed.
I find this idea of underwear designed for kids in this age group outrageous!
Why give the predator more reason to "target" a child?
Why can't we let our children be children and live a healthy life?
What a company will do for profit is surprising, even if it means depriving someone of the innocence of his childhood. What a shame.
I think this product is ridiculous and unnecessary.
This product is aimed at girls in the age group who are insecure about their bodies.
This product means that you need to look at it in a way that will help you to look at it that way.
Girls will grow up in time and there is no need to rush the process.
This deprived young girls of innocence.
They should focus on enjoying surfing and sunshine, not the size of the chest at that age.
A & F should focus on delivering information that is appropriate for any body type, rather than having some sort of "suitable mold", especially in this age group.
Why do our society always want our children to grow up so fast?
A "push-
"The top of the swimsuit is completely ridiculous.
As others have said, this is harmful to the self of young girlsimages.
This is the sexy little girl who tells them that their body "needs" the item "better"
Looks like ", just simply sent the wrong message.
Any mother who wants to buy this should check her head and take the "Child Development" course to see how inappropriate it is.
For Abercrombie, it was a good idea for me to boycott.
Hit them in their wallets, which they cared about in the first place.
Talk about the almighty dollar! !
Should we check the criminal background record of the president, board and designer of molcrombie child molmolmbie?
I can't imagine anyone other than pedophile thinking it would be a good idea to put a pad push --
Wear a bra swimsuit on an eight-year-old.
What's even more disgusting is that there will be parents who buy these things for their children. . . repeat baby. . . girls to wear.
All those who are in favor of keeping the little girl from sexual exploitation and from predators are requested to boycott the children of abercombe and abercombe.
Post a comment on your Facebook, text or tweet so that your friends can attend the boycott Abercrombie & Abercrombie Kids.
10% unemployment rate (some say 30%)
In every corner of the middle of the progressive nuclear disaster there is war, gas prices are rising, and health care costs for unions and the middle class are rising. The economy is stagnant, let's focus on those that are really important to the American public-if someone finds such a problem on the issues they care most about, then boy, oh boy, do they live a good life?
DeanAmbercombie will continue this clothing route only if parents continue to purchase the producte.
Supply and demand.
Parents who buy these products have their own problems with themselves. esteem, etc.
They do not understand or care about the sexual information that they pass on to their young daughter.
My personal plan has always been and will continue to be to boycott Ambercombie and other shops that openly exploit young people, especially young girls.
Abercrombie seems to be trying to create a product that will allow every negative problem that can affect young and vulnerable women to last forever.
In our fast-growing childhood society, parents have many problems that need to be actively raised.
This product essentially promotes the sexual progress of others and children wearing it.
This has proven to have resulted in psychological disorders, dietary problems, teenage pregnancy and many other problems for the subjects mentioned above.
I hope that makes people angry to the point of resistance and want to force Abercrombie not only to remove the product, but to take more responsibility and care in the choice of selling the right outfit.
Are you kidding?
If parents ask their children to order and put on one of them, it seems to me that it shows a lack of parenting capacity.
I am angry at the publicity to our young people today.
Lady Gaga is (in your face)
Sexual exploitation is as rough as her actions and lack of clothing, and the media seem to advertise her as a goddess.
When did young people's respected musicians, actors, and athletes dress so exposed and rude that when I saw it, I was 55 years old, which embarrassed me?
Our society today accepts everything that happens and then wants to know why we have so many teenage rapes and pregnancies!
Ashamed of Abercrombie!
If today's parents do not stand up for the right and acceptable things, our society will continue to become more immoral.
Stand up and fight for moral values!
Where is the children's limit? The parents had a hard time at home, and now the other thing on the plate is that I am the father of two girls, neither my wife nor I will buy this daughter of ours
The disgusting thing I 've been thinking about in my head is, who is the disgusting designer who thinks about this.
The range at the top can also be filled. What a pervert.
Houston, TxIf we sexually influence and cater to our little girls and boys, how do we sue for using the basic elements of their culture?
To be honest, I don't think the padded bra abercrombie is marketing is a bad thing.
Of course, you might think that some girls are too young, but what about those girls who are older than most? They need a top with padding.
Or just the opposite, a girl who is older and has less talent, where she can buy her padded swimsuit!
I have no problem with these bakini tops.
It's not "Abercrombie Kids", it's more accurate "Abercrombie's pedophile ".
Children are not beauty queens. They are not sex objects.
Let them naturally be wonderful creatures they are. A child.
Not much or less.
Abercrombie should be ashamed.
Don't buy it if you don't like it.
Abercrombie is not the only swimsuit retailer and you have no obligation to do business with them.
I don't like it, but I know a lot of parents will buy it to please their children.
I never liked Abercrombie, but it would get a lot of kids into the store.
To be frank, this is the sexualization of our children, and therefore it is completely and completely disgusting.
I'm sure I won't be shopping again at Abercrombie and Fitch.
I don't understand what the big deal is.
I think as a young girl, many of us want our breasts to be bigger.
If parents don't want extra "push up" they can easily remove the padding.
I am not a parent myself (I'm 17)
When parents say they don't like the idea of having their 8-year-old daughter in a bikini, I understand where they come from.
On the other hand, I understand the views of teenagers.
As I said before, I'm 17 years old.
I also shop at the abercrombie kids.
Verson is cheaper and has smaller clothes.
So I can buy clothes from abercrombie but don't have to swim in it.
So even though the store says "abercrombie kids", I think the swimsuit is more suitable for people like me who shop in the store (
I see a lot of people my age are still shopping there).
Shopping with children there is also a parent's choice. ?
I will never buy anything from this company, kids need to be kids, you have a twisted mind who designs them!
The world is so bad now that we don't need any more rubbish!
People forget what the business is.
ANF is not wrong to respond to market demand and offer any product to sell.
After all, they do business to make money and they won't succeed if they don't produce the products the customers want.
Don't like it. Don't shop there.
No wonder the United States has so many problems with underage issues. .
Pregnancy, alcohol abuse, peer pressure, and many other issues that affect the child's decision to make a mistake. .
This, in turn, will hurt America's future. . .
Because we allow people and companies to sell and sell these horrible products.
We need to be a better example for the future! !
You must be joking.
There are enough metamorphosis to see children as sexual substitutes for adults.
Why should we rush to treat the little girl as a sex object.
What's next, fishnet stockings and underwear?
What's wrong with giving our children childhood? why the uproar.
I think it's OK to have the filler, and as a woman I hate, I hate my daughter being filled when my center part is harder than the rest.
Let's face the growing fat breasts and girls of young girls, and its filling is not that they will have holes in their breasts to show their breasts. . . .
GeeeezLittle kids have always enjoyed playing with "dress-up".
What little girls don't like the chance to try on mom's clothes or shoes?
If mom looks beautiful in a bikini, some little girls might follow suit. Too much fear-
Trafficking just draws happiness from life. Relax.
If you take care of your children, they will be completely safe away from predators.
This is a very bad idea and feed for pedophile.
Modification: children always like to play "clothes-up".
Which little girl doesn't like the chance to try on mom's dress or shoes?
If mom looks beautiful in a bikini, some little girls might follow suit. Too much fear-
Trafficking just draws happiness from life. Relax.
If you take care of your children, they will be completely safe away from predators.
They're coming again!
A few years ago, I was working on a college paper on alchopops, and in the course of my research, I ran A May 17, 2002 article in The Sentinel magazine at the University of Milwaukee, A & F, selling sexy costumes to little girls.
There is a picture of a thong or thong
Underwear like a typical little girl color theme. . .
In addition to the embroidery around the crotch, it says "eye candy and blink"wink".
Man, belt? ? ?
It's illegal to exploit children, isn't it?
Why dress your child to please those who have sex?
What information is this for ltiitle boys?
Not natural. . . . .
Ambercrombie needs to stop turning the child into a sexual object. . . .
How far are we going to let it go? ? ? ? ? ? STOP IT NOW! ! !
My partner and I just flipped through our wardrobe and threw out every piece of Abercrombie & Fitch we had. Despicable! -
From a social point of view, it shows how we Americans see women and their bodies.
The padded bikini tops for young children are sexy, and if parents allow their teenage daughter to look "sexy" around, I question their sanity.
I would agree with this if you really believe in the confident argument, which helps to give a young girl confidence in her own sexiness.
It shows how much we Americans care about appearance, not about personality, relationships, and values.
-This is another component of popular culture, it goes too far, promotes promiscuity, self-
Central and irresponsible.
If we want to be sure of something like this, something worse could happen --
This is a setback to women's civil rights, and it promotes the idea that women are only sexual objects.
-It attracts child predators and puts children at greater risk of sexual harassment, sexual assault and even kidnapping.
I think this company is just a symbol of sex for kids.
These are all things that allow innocent children to be kidnapped, raped and murdered.
This is absolutely right.
They should be charged with child pornography.
Our government should finish these works immediately.
This is absolutely wrong on so many levels! ! !
This has nothing to do with being offended by the vivid a f display in the mall that everyone can see.
The message it sends to girls and paedophile is terrible.
Any parents who buy this crap for their children should be locked up and their children will be taken away!
I don't like padded bras, I'm 49! !
Disgusting! !
The store is not just sold to children aged 7 and 8.
This story is misleading, not all facts.
My 15-year-old daughter and 20-year-old son shop in this store.
Why are people not angry about the department store selling the same thing?
It's not the store's responsibility to let the child know that she can't wear that one, it's up to the parents.
Similarly, the store sells products not only to children aged 7 or 8.
I can understand that when I was young, I wanted to look older.
However, I think it is inappropriate for clothing companies to try to make sexual appeal to young people like 7 or 8 years old.
For girls of that age, this product doesn't even make sense.
I think this is a stupid move for ANF, especially since they have been trying to come back.
I was a little disgusted when I heard this on Sat morning, but not as shocked as the thong underwear they posted a few years ago.
I really thought it was off line.
That's why 11-year-old children in Texas have been repeatedly raped.
When girls behave like women, they are treated as women, which they cannot handle.
I may never spend a penny at a & C and hope millions of others join me.
This is as silly as 7-
The one-year-old boy is wearing fake face hair and is also in potential danger.
Let's do it again. . . .
A & F sells everything in order to make fast money.
Parents should be involved and teach their children to distinguish between right and wrong.
This is the purpose of parents.
If I had a daughter who came home with the rubbish, I would have shut her down for two weeks.
If there is no need, there will be no salesI who believes that Abercrombie has no sense of social responsibility.
The financial bottom line should not justify sexualization of girls aged 7 and 8.
I believe that Ashley's queue has delivered the wrong social message, is at risk of catering to pets, and has the potential to put children at risk.
What are they thinking?
Or rather, are they thinking?
Don't you want your child to dress? dont buy them.
I agree with Dean.
There are more important things happening in the world than young girls wearing bikini tops.
I was wondering if anyone considered that very thin teens need to shop in the children's store to buy the right outfit?
It is not necessarily aimed at young girls.
As far as all angry parents are concerned, everyone in the United States knows how A & F advertises and what their costumes look like.
If you don't like what the company does, don't shop there.
It's so simple.
Now, can we all continue our lives?
This is disgusting!
I can't believe someone would think it would be OK for young girls to wear something to enhance their breasts.
Don't mind that it may also attract pedifiles!
Any parent who buys this for a young girl should check their head!
The society has been hyped in appearance and figure, and the models on the cover of the magazine give young girls the idea that they should be, and now we tell them, they need bigger breasts too? C'mon!
Let the children be children, they grow up too fast!
Who thought of this anyway? ? ? ?
It's so sad that we live in a shop that will sell them and parents will buy their place! ! ! ! unbelieveable! What do I think?
I don't think I'll bother to look at their stuff anymore.
As a parent, since my oldest child was a toddler, I have been dealing with the problem of having to wear suggestive clothing.
Regardless of the company, it's shocking to see what happens to the girl's clothes when you leave the 4t size range.
From T-shirts with flowers and rabbits, to torn jeans and tight layers, there has been a huge leap.
To find clothes suitable for your age, you need a lot of inner perseverance.
Children are not adults, but you won't know about modern fashion design.
I think in the 14 years of being a parent, I found a parent who thought all of this was OK, an experience from the West Coast to the Midwest.
All sorts of conservatives, liberals, and parents are complaining about the phenomenon.
Stop designing Hutch costumes for our kids.
It is not the frontier, it is not art, it is exploitation.
Give the child a chance to be a child.
Don't make them sexual. They are not sexual objects.
They should not be dumbfounded like that.
It is inappropriate for them to look like this, and it is inappropriate for adults to look like this.
It's not good to sexy your child.
I have had enough of the whole deal.
I didn't even agree to put their jerseys in my house due to this stupid move.
A & F can make profits from other parents schlub who pay tribute to the company.
The problem is with the parents who buy this garbage.
We need to open our mouths and tell companies like this that their service is no longer necessary, not complaining among us.
The mighty bucks can change this trend.
A & F and others like them can then work shifts or get off the well.
Just don't buy tops!
It should be condemned, probably just a publicity stunt.
Just one dollar!
Yes, there are many sad things happening in the world, but this does not mean that we should not care about health and health.
Our children.
They don't need to be pushed into sexual consciousness until they mature.
There is nothing more beautiful than a young girl, there are many ways to design beautiful clothes without being sexy.
By comparing this problem with earthquakes, recessions, and so on, it is diluted.
This does not mean that it is not an effective issue for caring for parents and adults.
We are responsible for health and health.
As our children, it is our job to oppose any company that tries to exploit them.
It is also in everyone's best interest to do so.
This is not from A & F.
First of all, let your 8 y/o watch Desperate Housewives with you-or sex and the city, or any one of the teach's shows that telling them that sex is power.
No matter what you look at or what your kids look at, you 'd better be ready to see them imitate.
Not just entertainment, but training.
If this is not the case, then there is no reason for advertisers to pay large fees for commissions.
One thing writers have to remember-to get you back, because if they can catch you, then they will sell more time to advertisers-the only goal for advertisers is profit.
Why can't we see it so blindly?
You made the best thing in the world.
This is just the beginning.
Several countries have agreed to be much younger than the United States. If the homo-
Factual activists have their way of being gay.
Sex "marriage", then now considered disgusting behavior of those who like Inter Milan
The reason why the agency will stand in line to sue them.
After all, is age not just an arbitrary indicator of maturity anyway?
It could have been caused by some of the horrible prejudices of the pilgrims.
After all, the Enlightenment did not stop with this generation, is this because?
As a mother, I find it very disturbing.
It's not just A & F.
Last year I bought my daughter's shorts in the boys department so they are long enough.
Hoochie mama clothing is a real trend for little girls.
Buy more reasons at Thrift/consignment shops and get more modest clothes. This is sick.
No child should wear such clothes.
I was sexually harassed between the ages of 5 and 7 and I would be shocked by any parents who allowed their children to wear this.
The pedophile is the real patient and they are all over.
You don't know what they're doing or when your child will be hurt or even kidnapped by one. Sick Sick Sick.
Don't let your girl dress like this! It is not ok.
Someone in A & F must have no idea. . . .
Eight-year-old children were found on the porn site. . . .
The pedophile likes this kind of thing, and while it may be cute, as Jon Bennett Ramsey dresses up, it makes the 8-year-old come out of childhood. . . .
And there is no way back.
Children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood.
Berkshire will start over.
Everyone needs to take a deep breath and take a step back. My gosh!
People are actually word of mouth on this issue.
Retailers can sell or sell whatever they want.
The question is who is buying these things.
Girls aged 7 and 8 will certainly not walk into A & F and ask to wear this bikini.
If parents are really as angry as they seem, then they will not buy the product and it will disappear quietly.
For the record, I have three daughters and neither my wife nor I will buy this product.
Your reporter said in error, "radio-
After active iodine becomes harmless?
The reporter should say that after 6 days, half of the radioactive iodine becomes harmless, and you need some half-life to pass before the total amount of radioactive iodine becomes harmless, "It's a pleasure to see Suzanne Marvo's sister report today at Walmart.
They look so alike!
Same nose, same mouth, same chin. . . unbelievable!
This is the highlight of the show for me.
I'm not a mom, but I don't need to have an opinion on this topic.
The idea of wearing a bikini for people under the age of 18 is more than one way sick.
We don't need to give pedophile more visual effects to start, and we don't need to give young girls more physical image problems. 'Nough said.
I work in A & F customer service.
If you don't like our padded bikini, don't buy it.
We sell clothes to children under the age of 13.
We also offer bikini tops with very shallow lining.
Don't buy it if you don't like it. point blank.
I applaud you.
This point you have raised must be made public.
Young girls have too much pressure to be sexy when they are very young.
I find that a lot of this pressure is caused by mothers who want to show themselves to the public indirectly (men)
Through their daughters, they are sexy and attractive when they themselves can't do it earlier.
They let their daughter may not be satisfied with her body in the future (
Causing other diseases)
They were also sexually exploited at a very young age.
More dads need to stand up and stop the situation.
God bless you to point this out.
The positive campaign to protect our young girls has finally begun.
There is a very disturbing thing for people working in a company that promotes this clothing to young children.
In this company, do people who make these marketing decisions have children?
If so, how distorted would they like to see their children dress?
Parents who buy clothes bother me even more.
The bottom line is the overall impact of parents buying or accepting these clothing styles on their children.
I'm not in a hurry to grow my daughter up and dress up to boost her sexual desire.
I hope my child is just a child, not an adult woman.
Also, my husband will never accept and will not complain about pointing out to other parents that their children are not dressed properly.
This is an anger.
What are parents thinking?
Parents who don't have the courage should get together and complain to manufacturers and shops that sell this product
Sexy little clothes
The little girl is just imitating the girls who dress like prostitutes.
Teenage girls are imitating what they see on TV and in movies.
Our society is so obsessed with sex that our children cannot grow up properly.
My theory is that this spiral starts with a shortage of hands.
Girls and women are eager to find boyfriends who feel that promoting their assets is the way to get boyfriends.
Greedy merchants are selling their goods.
Why so few people?
The birth rate and survival rate lead the girls.
The rest is our war.
Whenever I saw a young soldier killed on the news, I thought, "there's another girl who doesn't have a husband.
"PS Abercrombie is not the only protagonist. Boycott them.
If I had a young daughter or son, I would start a protest campaign against shops and manufacturers.
No one mentioned the effect of sexuality of young girls on boys.
Think about your son.
I agree that some parents are at fault, but the real culprit for me is the media coverage.
Which young people do not want to imitate their favorite music and/or movie stars? Look at the (pre-)
Teen magazines and their "ads ".
Unfortunately, retailers are meeting demand.
I realize that both parents and "little girls" want to look funky, all of this, but I don't think it's appropriate to dress them up as someone who's in a movie that's too hot to touch.
As for those of you who design so, like it or not, they are "marketing" and their motto may be "if it's sold, we'll put it there for you.
"Parents or guardians must nurture their children and let them fulfill their wishes in life.
Too often, in my opinion, parents or guardians do a really bad job of teaching a lot of substance to the generation at hand.
-Love, love! ! !
You're great, you're elegant, Kelly.
Beautiful People.
Each one is unique and great.
Like the man who reached the top of the cake stand.
The one through the window is amazing.
Your color is so rich and real.
I'm a fan of you.
03/10/2016 at 8: 50 p. m. a Democrat, I must be the only one with the gun.
I can't understand the stricter gun laws.
Criminals can obtain weapons without complying with the law.
Until I can afford personal safety or live in a closed community, I cannot rely on others to protect my family.
Our problem is crazy, not weapons.
Crazy people will always hurt others at all costs.
Offensive weapons are under control.
Assault weapons include select shots and fully automatic weapons.
They are strictly controlled by the ATF.
Remington 870, S & w m & P15, and two glances are not offensive weapons.
You 've heard how powerful AR 15 is, and it's one of the least powerful rifles you can buy. It is a 5. 56×45(. 223)caliber.
As Americans, we have lost so much freedom because of the Patriot Act and other means of protection, can we bear more losses?
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