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by:ShunDing     2019-06-03
Backpacks inevitably mean cooking in the wild.However, backpacker's field kitchen is much more humble and demanding than ordinary campers.Many national forests or parks prohibit the use of campfire in remote areas, so camping stoves are required.In addition, backpackers are also plagued by the problem of limited carrying capacity and need to make difficult choices about what kind of cookware to bring.Lightweight camping StoveMany backcountry destinations are forbidden to open the campfire as a fire-Therefore, camping furnaces and fuel need to be packaged.By using "hobo stove", some backpackers are basically a portable wood burning stove, avoiding the weight and space requirements of transporting fuel tanks for the stove.However, these stoves are banned by name in some places and are useless anywhere where it is forbidden to collect ground wood.In addition, some of the propane fuel burned in camping stoves is too heavy for backpackers.This still leaves a wide variety of fuel forms for camping furnaces, such as kerosene, dinates and white gases, each with its own pros and cons.White Gas performs well in high altitude and cold weather, while Ding benzene is cheaper.Strictly speaking, backpackers should have only one pot to lose weight.Many mess kits come with a combined pot-This is exactly what Skillet takes into account.Another consideration is the space, and many of the grocery bags collapsed, so all of their parts are placed in the wok and fixed it with a removable cooking pot handle as a strap with the lid.No matter the format, any backpack wok should accommodate this type of integration to save important space.The titanium pan is very popular because it is light in weight but expensive.Aluminum is light weight and cheap, but can cause some health problems during cooking.Stainless steel is cheap, durable but heavy.Nevertheless, some backpackers have vowed to other options.No matter what format you choose, all the pots should have their own covers.Many meal packs use the plate as a lid, but this does not reduce the weight in the long run.If you eat with a plate, you can't use it as a cooking pot cover at the same time, because the plate is too hot to handle when you need it.According to the Journal boy life, not using the lid means boiling water will waste a lot of precious fuel forever."Use the lid to save fuel every time you cook.As a result, the pot with a separate lid ultimately means bringing less camping furnace fuel into remote areas.CutleryA stainless steel sport is actually the only tableware that backpackers need.This work has many uses, so it is better to choose durable steel in the long run than to choose lighter metal, especially since it is such a small choice.However, the weight of a complete knife and fork and spoon kit is too large.CupsA backpackers need a drink like tea and coffee as the water bottle is not ideal for those hot drinks.Many backpack cups are made of lightweight plastic and are foldable.These are space.and weight-But not very durable.The metal cup can be stored in another object, such as a cooking pot, but it is not very light.This is indeed a priority.Use plastic to reduce the weight, but for a long timeLong lasting Cup choice metal.The article written by Edwin Thomas has been written since 1997.His work appears in a variety of online publications, including Black Watch, Proboxing-Fans and othersThomas, a travel blogger, editor and writer, traveled from Argentina to Vietnam to find stories.He holds a master's degree in international affairs from an American university.
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