the appeal of spiked dog collars as a human fashion - metal dog tags engraved

by:ShunDing     2019-08-03
the appeal of spiked dog collars as a human fashion  -  metal dog tags engraved
Surprisingly, these dog collars with spikes may attract humans more than dog owners.
Let's face it. There are probably more people wearing a spike dog collar than people wearing a dog collar.
This trend of people wearing spiky dog collars began with the rise of punk music movement, when young punk began to wear them into the body.
Wearing a dog collar fits exactly what punk rock singers and their fans are trying to show.
Nowadays, the trend that started with the punk rock singer bad boy image symbol has become more mainstream, and many people, especially teenagers, wear them as fashion accessories.
Of course, that doesn't mean that if this is the image you're trying to show, you can't buy a spike dog collar for your dog, but, in addition to a police dog or a dump dog, the attraction of the dog collar with a spike in the dog really does not exist.
On the other hand, if you have children in their teens, they may be more willing to wear dog accessories and most people will not wear their dogs.
The spike dog collar is not the only dog fashion favored among human owners.
Dog tags worn on long chains around the neck became part of the world of human fashion as early as the 1990 s.
They catch faster than the spike dog collar because they are barely as eye-catching as they are wearing under their clothes.
Dog labels are more seen as jewelry than clothing, and are not seen as spike dog collars by a more mainstream society.
Now, in the days when all the metal accessories were found on fashion and piercings, those wearing spike dog collars or metal dog cards were no longer noticed.
These types of fashion are no longer even considered accessories for "Bad Boys", and many teenagers wear it almost without hesitation.
There was even a spiky collar, a more pious feeling for them, with a small metal cross hanging on it.
The spike dog collar, once considered a punk rock singer or "bad boy" fashion accessory, no longer appears in the same context.
Like the fashion that most people are shocked by when they first see its image, it has changed because it is becoming more and more popular, and even those who are quite conservative are widely accepted.
One thing is certain, the spike dog collar is a dog collar that is easy to enter the human fashion field.
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