the 'deputy streaker' and more: stories of sex, violence and stonework from parliamentary history - name plate printer

by:ShunDing     2019-12-15
the \'deputy streaker\' and more: stories of sex, violence and stonework from parliamentary history  -  name plate printer
Deep in the political jungle of Ottawa, there is a scholar with a white binder with obscene stories from the history of Parliament.
The man, who declined to be named so as not to be overwhelmed by travel requests, has caused political trouble after many events
For hours around the central block, share political lines and vulgar rumors.
Your brave State Post Office marked one night in September.
Here are some of the most interesting, interesting and serious facts, as well as a disclaimer of authenticity: if there is a lot of evidence, we would say this is "absolutely true" and if a story is quite good, "It may be true"
Sources, according to our people, if it's just a constant rumor, "Maybe it's true ".
The 80-year-old deputy speaker of the House of Commons is in a compromise with his assistant for the second time. floor office.
A young female employee, the intruder ran away while passing on some memos.
He chased her naked in the hallway.
Meanwhile, his lover has gone and his office door is locked on her way out.
Before finding the security guard to get him back, he had to walk a bit along the Sacred Council Hall, thus earning him the nickname of "the vice-streaker. ”Probably true.
Nixon almost died when Milwaukee waarthur Bremer, a street artist from Milwaukee, brought a gun in the Centennial Flame of Congress in April 1972. S.
President Nixon is visiting Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada.
A policeman happened to be blocking Nixon's shot and his way.
Just a month later, Bremer will continue to paralyze the governor of Alabama, George Wallace.
For this offence, Bremer served 35 years in prison at the age of 53. year sentence.
He was released on parole in 2007.
Part of the inspiration for the movie Taxi Driver comes from Bremer's diary.
It must be true.
Bats frightened the speaker at some point in their 80 s, and House of Commons Speaker Jenny Sovey had to deal with the prank of an evil MP.
Several bats flew around the office in a central block;
Members of Parliament put them in their pockets and let them go as soon as he enters parliament.
Chaos followed.
We don't know if suvey's dirty words
The stock price response was recorded as "Oh, Oh! ” in Hansard. Probably true.
Canada's parliament for three months during the 100 anniversary fireworks display
The staff spoke about the situation encountered at the time.
Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau at Hill Square
Trudeau came out of the bush.
A young woman has since appeared.
Then, another.
Our source said it was soon to the height of the Brian Muroni government, during which the cabinet minister drank beer like drinking water.
Late at night, a female clerk walked into the cabinet meeting room and witnessed a minister fooling around with twin sisters. Maybe true.
The signature of the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been signed on the nameplate on his desk.
He thought that the people who visited the room might like it, so they had better have a good souvenir. (
This did happen. )
Joking, he also signed for the current fisheries minister, Dominic LeBlanc, who sat next to Trudeau for a while and wrote something similar, "Why do you want the name tag of this person" may be true.
The strange things you find in the parliament building, those who visit the central block, and even work there, may miss some of the oddities of the building itself, it was rebuilt after a fire in 1916.
If you look closely, there is a pile of fossils on the wall, made of a special limestone.
In the lobby of the Senate, two Viking avatars are carved on stone products, and four Belgian masons who work in the building have their faces, one of which is wearing huge goggles.
In the hall, portraits of some Senate speakers use the Rocky Mountains or the prairie as the backdrop of the Capitol building.
In the House, the portraits of the Prime Minister Jean Chretian and Paul Martin are next to each other, but they are separated by a pillar so that the two, in any case, are not friends and do not have to look at each other. It must be true. The (possible)
The loving sons of Prime Minister Wilfried Laurier either have an unreasonable intimate friendship with his legal partner's wife, Emilie Laverne, or have a long-term relationship.
The child of lafne, Armand
Later became a member of Congress.
It is considered Laurel's.
At the same time, her husband was appointed to justice.
It is also believed that John difenbeck has a child outside of his marriage.
George Drayton, he once took Q.
Cousin Dief's prompt proves that he is in the same line and is a PM secretary.
It is believed that there is at least one illegal baby. Probably true.
On 1966, Albertan Paul Joseph chhattier, in his work "The bathroom explosion", was deeply angry at politicians and blamed them for his economic woes.
When he moved to Toronto that year, he entered parliament with 10 explosives.
Apparently, he intends to throw them into the House of Commons --
John difenbeck, Tommy Douglas, Lester Pearson and other Canadian idols were debating at the time.
But when Chartier lit the fuse from the bathroom in the hall downstairs in the gallery, instead he blew himself up and took out the bathroom without hurting anyone.
He is called "crazy bomber ".
It must be true.
The origin of the basement Coke machine anyone found the way to somewhere in the central block
There is no doubt that the basement knows you can buy a small bottle of Coca --
Coke on an old-fashioned machine, it still works, but it doesn't have Coke when your reporter visits.
Why is there a theory: No. 20
The first lady of the century, which we will not name, is obviously a nightmare, usually asking for something new.
Bottled Cola, with receipts from the bottling company, proves that they are as fresh as possible. Maybe true.
Evidence of the October 2014 shooting of gunman Michael Zahaf
On October, Bibo rushed into the central block.
2014, after shooting Corporal Nathan silillo at the National War Memorial.
He was shot in the building.
On Wednesday, the political parties held a party-mass meeting.
On the right side of the corridor of Zehaf-Bibeau ran in —
The head of state and the Prime Minister walked through the honor Hall of the red carpet --
You can see a bullet.
The NDP is in the hole in the room door of the core meeting.
On the left is the room for the Conservative Party group meeting with a closet inside and then-
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has to hide for his own protection.
Go straight along the corridor and you can see where the bullets are near the entrance to the Parliament Library, and the damage to the library front desk when the bullets cross the automatic door. It must be true.
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