the evolution of the wedding invitation from engraving to email: is it a good thing? - blank metal engraving plates

by:ShunDing     2019-12-05
the evolution of the wedding invitation from engraving to email: is it a good thing?  -  blank metal engraving plates
"I plan to do it all online.
"Wow, Mom, it's another one.
There is also a bride who thinks her wedding invitation can be sent by email
Vite on their wedding website, or email, or God bless.
Talk about the worst wedding invitation style of your life's biggest event, especially if you really want people to respond to your invitation in a timely manner.
Look, I was against doing your wedding registration during my honeymoon.
Thinking about building websites (rightly so)
This is a direct request for cash, just in a different format.
But my view of this has changed, as there are more incredible innovative registrars everywhere, and it has become more acceptable.
Last year, I helped lesbian clients find a wedding registration website that allows them to sign up to have children.
They want the guests to donate for their fertility efforts and that's exactly what I found for them.
They are very excited. I think they are very successful.
I may not choose to do this, but that's exactly what they want ---
They are clients.
I know that for most brides and grooms, traditional engraving invitations are no longer a reasonable financial option.
If you have a lot of invitations to print, it will cost you thousands of dollars to carve plates and make invitations.
For those who are not familiar with the "carving" invitation, long ago, all invitations were made separately by being pressed on the copper plate of ink.
It's the plate and the labor force that has given you a huge amount of time and very few real carving invitations can be found now.
But it didn't stop my mom from flipping over any of the invitations she received to make her feel the groove engraved with the groove.
She has been frustrated with the result for the past few years.
Thermography replaced engraving 20 years ago, even the most expensive wedding invitations.
Few brides and grooms care if their invitations can also be read from the back, and they don't care to have plates as souvenirs (
I have a graphic designer friend who insists on carving because it's her thing and now she jokes about treating them as very expensive door blocks).
Thermography gives it the feeling of Ascension on the front of the invitation, and gives people the same visual impression of carving.
But the page is flat when you turn it over and you know it's not carved. Does it matter? Probably not.
For the record, once my mom investigated the price of the engraving 10 years ago, she even agreed to use the hot image on my invitation.
It's going to cost more now.
In recent years, thousands of companies have appeared online offering wedding invitations. -
Some even include filling and addressing services.
Many companies are very good, but some even the most casual brides don't want to see the quality of paper with her name.
The preventive solution is to simply request an invite sample before ordering anything.
Any reputable company should be happy to send you samples for free.
You may find that there is a reason why you can find such a cheap choice.
Very reasonable-
Reasonable price options, especially for brides and grooms who want to order paper and print out their own invitations.
DIY wedding invitations can save you a lot of money, give you a personal feeling, and still a real invitation, RSVPs is mailed with real paper.
This brings me back to the theme of RSVPs.
I wrote an article on the blog about how cheesy wedding guests are sending out in the attached RSVP card (and pre-
Stamp and address)
Official wedding invitation
So if you think people don't respond well when you really use a spoon --
Hello to them, you really, really believe how successful the wedding invitations and replies sent online actually are?
Some of your older guests may not even be online.
And, not wanting to tell you this, most people don't even check the wedding website messages sent by the bride and groom.
That's why I strongly encourage my clients to mail their travel information packages about wedding plans.
I think it's more likely that people actually get emails telling them the deadline for booking their stay etc.
What message did you send to your guests with an online wedding invitation?
If your wedding is shotgun-style and doesn't have time to mail invitations, then you have an excuse ---
Even then, if possible, you should try to enter something in the real mail.
But if you plan your wedding a few months or more in advance, you have no excuse not to take the time to sort things out, mail the invitation to the guests you ask to represent you at the wedding, whether in your hometown, still need your guests to travel.
The wedding website is a dangerous tool on which RSVPs, dinner orders, and any other important information you need to request from your guests.
Not everyone will click on that link. -
Most people have the intent to look at it later, but if they receive a lot of emails every day, your message drops quickly below the fold and disappears from their radar screen.
This is more frustrating and follow-up than what you usually have to do to mail real things.
If you are very digital and really want to keep your wedding as much online as you can, you can use digital invitations at other events ---
Wedding sites are a great way to make your travel information interesting to read after losing the paper version and easy to access.
However, relying on internet communication, your wedding invitation and reply will send the wrong message from your guests and get the wrong final result.
Stick to paper now.
Check with me a few years later. -
Maybe I will change my mind.
Until the next time, happy wedding planning starts with the wedding of Vieques and the wedding of Culebra!
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