the perfect briefcase for the ladies - brass nameplate

by:ShunDing     2019-07-30
the perfect briefcase for the ladies  -  brass nameplate
What is the perfect lady briefcase?
There is really no easy answer to this question because everyone has their own "wish list ".
However, based on the popularity of certain styles and the feedback from the owners, there seems to be some of the most satisfactory qualities.
Easy handling seems to be the most important thing.
This means they are lighter in weight than men's wear.
However, they are also equipped with pads, either shoulder style or full body style, which can be separated when not needed.
Larger wheels can be removed to meet the transportation requirements of the airlineon rules.
Women also want to be able to achieve the best organizational style.
Separate compartments for documents and supplies, pockets for storing phones or calculators, and pen circles on the list are high.
For those who want to leave their handbags at home, the secure pockets for wallets, credit cards and ID cards are popular, and the zip compartment is also popular, with a bit of makeup and hair brushes.
While Black basic leather is still a popular option, women want more options.
They want a variety of colors, that is, they can find it if they want a white briefcase or a pink briefcase.
They also want interesting patterns, such as snake skins and even Paisley.
The choice of fabrics is also important, and suede lint and canvas are popular for women.
Women don't seem to like holding the same briefcase as everyone else.
Those who are employed by antique organizations such as banks may have limited options.
However, they prefer to be as independent as possible if possible.
This could be a soft
Double sided embroidery design or fluorescent orange vinyl.
They may want to attach a brass nameplate or embroider their initials in the box.
Locks are popular in both genders, but women don't like the small, hard-to-turn combination locks on many briefcases.
Long nails are difficult to use and can cause nail polish or nails to fall off.
They like bigger wheels that can be turned easily and can work with finger pads.
Women also like all the fabric and color options available in each style.
While some people want a large briefcase, others are more satisfied with an accessory box or combined briefcase.
Regardless of the style, they still want options other than black leather.
In addition, for many years, men carry the same briefcase day after day, and women like to go out occasionally, perhaps carrying a color or style in the summer and a different color or style in the winter.
Fortunately, designers have noticed that women are not happy with bulky and bulky briefcases, such as being the standard for men for decades.
They have started to produce items that are not just men-style "toys" versions.
New fabrics and colors are available every day.
Women have a much larger share of the market than ever before, and manufacturers have responded.
No style is the perfect briefcase for all women.
However, with such a variety of products, it is safe to say that all women can find products that suit themselves.
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