trump meets silicon valley elite after mutual mistrust in campaign - house name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-10-21
trump meets silicon valley elite after mutual mistrust in campaign  -  house name plate
New york/WASHINGTON (Reuters)-President-
President-elect Donald Trump and some of Silicon Valley's most powerful executives met in his Manhattan tower on Wednesday, after both sides made no secret of their disdain for each other during the campaign, A summit was held to ease friction.
The meeting focused on economic issues, including job creation, tax reduction and trade dynamics with China, according to the statement of the Trump transition team, while largely avoiding many of the differences between the tech industry and Trump on issues such as immigration and digital privacy.
The statement said Trump proposed to reunite as many tech leaders as possible every quarter.
Donald Trump's three adult children
Eric and Ivanka sit at a large rectangular table and the meeting begins in the conference room on the 25 th floor of Trump Tower.
Their presence could raise concerns about potential conflicts of interest for Trump, who has said he will hand over control of the business empire to his children during his tenure at the White House. Vice President-
President-elect Mike Pence was also present.
Guests sit in front of paper nameplates and water bottles with the Trump brand logo on them.
Meetings between tech celebrities, including AppleAAPL. O)
Tim Cook of Facebook (FB. O)
Cheryl Sandberg and Tesla Motors (TSLA. O)
Elon Musk happened when Trump warned some American citizens. S.
Challenge a long-term company with his words
China is a major market for Silicon Valley for China's established policy.
A senior Chinese state planning official told China Daily on Wednesday that Beijing could impose a fine on the US government. S.
A few days after Trump questioned the recognition of Taiwan as part of "one China", automakers issued a warning of monopolistic behavior.
The official did not disclose the identity of the carmaker.
"There are no people like them in this room, anything we can do can help you, Trump told executives in front of reporters.
"You call my people, you call me, it's no difference.
We don't have a formal command system.
"We will reach a fair trade agreement," Trump added . "
We will make it easier for you to trade across borders.
Other participants included Alphabet Inc . (GOOGL. O)
Larry Page and Eric Schmidt from Amazoncom’s (AMZN. O)
Jeff Bezos of Microsoft (MSFT. O)
Satya Nadella and Ginni Rometty from IBM (IBM. N).
A transitional spokesman told Reuters Twitter was not invited to the meeting because it was too small.
According to a spokesman for Trump's transition team, Cook and Musk joined Trump's separate meeting after other tech executives left.
Bezos said in a statement that the meeting was "very productive" and he "agreed that the government should make innovation one of its key pillars, this will create a lot of jobs in all industries across the country, not just technology.
Agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturingeverywhere.
Trump, who clashed with Silicon Valley over immigration, government surveillance and encryption during the campaign, unexpectedly won last month, it shocked many companies worried that he would deliver on his promise.
Many technology companies are overvalued by investors, he said.
"You look at some of these tech stocks, as a concept and a company, they are very weak and sell so much money," he said in an interview with Reuters . ".
These concerns have not been eased in recent weeks as Trump has threatened to disrupt trade relations with China and appointed officials in support of expanding surveillance programs.
A tech industry source said that "there is some hesitation in whether to attend the meeting for some companies" because of the political and personal differences with Trump.
On Tuesday, more than 700 employees at tech promised in an open letter that they would refuse to help the Trump administration establish a data registry to track people based on their religious beliefs, or help with mass deportation.
Silicon Valley has a good relationship with President Obama and strongly supported Democrat Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign.
Alphabet's Schmidt was photographed wearing a staff badge on the election night at Clinton's headquarters. Musk said in an interview before the election that Trump's character reflected poorly on the United States.
Despite these tensions, Trump has appointed Musk as a member of the business advisory committee, which will
After Trump took office in January, the industry invested in him. 20.
The CEOs of Airbnb and Uber were invited but did not attend the party on Wednesday.
According to a person familiar with the matter, Uber's Travis Kalanick has been traveling in India all week and has been appointed to the Council.
From the employees of the top 10 technology companies in Fortune 500, Trump raised only $179,400 (£143,262)
From 982 campaign donors who contributed more than $200.
Clinton raised four dollars.
A Reuters review of the donation data found that 4 million of employees from the same company contributed more than 20,400.
Trump publicly attacked the industry during the campaign.
He urged his supporters to boycott Apple products as the company refused to help the FBI unlock the iPhone linked to last year's shooting in San Bernardino, California, threatening antitrust action against Amazon, technology companies are required to produce products in the United States.
Trump also opposes the Obama administration's "net neutrality" rule, banning Internet service providers from blocking or slowing consumer access to web content.
Two advisers to his Federal Communications Commission transition team and two Republicans from the FCC opposed the rule.
Last week, two Republicans in the group urged Mr. Obama to quickly reverse many of his policies, and one commissioner, Ajit Pai, said he thought the "days of net neutrality were running out.
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