types of pin badges - metal badge manufacturers

by:ShunDing     2019-08-06
types of pin badges  -  metal badge manufacturers
Badges are used for various purposes.
It can be a means of identification (school)
The symbol of authority (police)
Fashion accessories or marketing strategy (button badges).
They can be used as gifts, tokens, gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, and even part of the reward program.
There is a range of badges to choose from, usually sorted by base material or use.
However, according to the materials used, the following are categories: enamel badges may have the following categories: quality hard enamel is a pin badge completed with a flat or even surface.
High-quality soft enamel is a medium of high quality
A range badge of more size is allowed due to the recessed or sunken filling area.
The economy hard enamel finish is similar to the latter and is known for its cost
Effective complaint.
Photo etched soft enamel with epoxy
The narrow-range key line allows for larger, more complex details and completes the epoxy coating, giving it a dome effect similar to most button badges.
As we all know, metal badges produce 3D effects compared to the 2D effects of enamel badges.
These can be divided into: Broadcasting
Realized by forming in the casting, it is characterized by good
Clear grooves, clean lines and silky feel. Die struck -
Print their design on it, give it a carved look and pay attention to small details.
The metal relief is highly polished with a jewelry finish.
The textile or fabric badge is made of machine embroidery, hand embroidery and weaving. (Soft)
PVC badges can be rubber or molded to accurately represent the lines and colors of the original design.
The dome effect button badge printed with epoxy resin is done in this way and is best suited to the design using shadows and shades with smooth surface.
The general type of badge includes a flashing button badge, logo, or name (
Usually used in school or at work)
Promotion badge (
With company logo, product name or material)
Political badge (
(With a slogan or statement)
And reward badges (
As an incentive, recognition, or recognition for good behavior).
Flashing badges use LED lights and appear in multiple colors and forms.
It's definitely an instant eye.
Capture the badge and can also be used as a giveaway in a party or night event.
In addition to materials and functions, they have different shapes and sizes, from Oval, round, square, to rectangles of different length and width.
Because of this, the possibility of making it a profitable business seems endless.
Diversity is rich and allows continuous trade.
Not to mention, badges will never get dull.
Look at the button badges, they have been around for over a century, but are still popular now, perhaps because of its novelty, perhaps because of its versatility, or the combination of the two.
In addition to the different types listed here, badge manufacturers may offer a more comprehensive list of badge categories.
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