unique? not so unique: 101 unusual alberta baby names - baby name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-11-29
unique? not so unique: 101 unusual alberta baby names  -  baby name plate
This is the second of a series of four blog posts inspired by the list of the most popular baby names in Alberta.
From 1980, the series will be released in Alberta for 34 years. 2013.
For the first part, click here. )
During my favorite Simpsons moments, Bart and Lisa went to a gift shop while visiting the itchy, itchy land.
Browse through a personalized set of license plates and an unbelieving Bart can't find his name but finds a "Bort ".
When he complained, a boy ran up and begged his mother to buy him one.
"No, come to Bort," she said . "
A man in the shop asked, "are you talking to me ? ".
"No, my son is also called Bort," the mother replied . ".
Needless to say, when I rummaged over Alberta baby's name from the last 34 years, I was hoping to find at least a Bort . . . . . . But I was disappointed by Alberta's parents.
Of course, through 34 years of baby names, there are countless babies who may never find their names on those cheesy souvenirs, which makes them very disappointed (
And the joy of their parents).
Where does an unusual name come from, it is clear that it is a place of personal significance.
However, the growing desire to be unique seems to be the first motivation for parents.
Of course, this makes the name unique and the best place to start a discussion.
The baby born in 1996 was unique for six years and really failed her name.
But in 2002, the second unique baby in Alberta changed it all. From 2002-
13. There are 15 units (
And two Euniques)
Born in the province (all girls).
Unique is a name to live up . . . . . . But many unusual names seem to have high expectations for their owners:-a pair of boys born in 2001 and 2012 years old who are called Winners by their parents.
No one has won all the time, so hopefully the name won't get in the way of their ability to gracefully lose the game.
Again, success (also a boy)
Just Born last year.
-Special, a girl born in 1990, seems to have a more Special name than Unique-she is the only one in the province in the last 34 years. – Kindness (girl, 1983), Honesty (1982-6 girls2007)and Sincere (
9 boys and 9 girls since 2001)
All named after ideal personality traits.
But if a name can predict future behavior, we will surely know a person who is mean, right-of-mouth and disingenuous. – Seen (girl, 1988)—
For wishful thinking parents who believe that children should be seen and not heard (Sound —
Boy born in 2008
Of course, the difference is. -
Among other aspiring names: Brave (two boys), Courage (
Eight boys, one girl), Dignity (one girl), Happy (
Two boys, two girls), Hero (
Two boys, one girl), Genuine (one girl), Artistic (one girl), Humble (one boy)
And suggest a pair of future career paths: Doc (three boys)and Doctor (one girl).
The best way for a list of original names is to speculate.
It's interesting to believe that some parents named their children based on their children --
Feeding experience (I can relate)
:-Six boys named Riot have been born in the province since 1980-
There have been four since 2008-and then there are several seemingly perfect toddler names in the Holocaust (
Birth was 2012 and 1991, respectively), Random (
There are three boys since 1987. and Chaos (
2003-two boys and one girl2009)
Yes, there are a few bottles of soda in Alberta's past baby names (
Girls and boys, 2010 and 2013)
But no Pepsi.
This does not mean that there is not enough brand representation --
There is no doubt that some are deliberate and some may be coincidental.
-She may be named after this person and not the brand, but Coco-Janelle (1991)
Is a more unique front
The existing name is clearly inspired by the iconic designer.
-Whether their parents love cars or they just like the sound of names, it's hard to be sure.
However, there is a rich supply of 34 car brands and modelsyear record (
More than I listed here).
Such as Audi, Camaro, Jaguar, Corvette, Dodge, Lexus, Ferrari, Infiniti, chiville and Kia.
In order to avoid the exclusion of motorcycle riders, there is also a Ducati (
Not to mention the necessary Harleys, but this is an unusual name).
-Other brands include hotel chains (
Hyatt Regency by Hilton, retailers (Reykjavik and Revy)and others (
Nikon, Nike, Dior, Kenmore, Dasani, pringer, Oreo and Yali).
I think many parents looking for unusual names want to give their children something "special ".
However, there seems to be a super-
Give me the literal name of the loop.
The names touch the heart of the child.
Maybe there's a story behind this, but I like parents who think carbon (boy, 2007)
Just tell it like it's. . .
Maybe two scientists want to remind the world that we are all carbon. based.
Some other literal names:-there is a boy (born 1992)
Three girls.
1993, 1998 and 2008)
Born in the province since 1980.
-Several babies in Alberta have been named
To be exact ,(
8 girls and 6 boys). – You —
For parents who don't want to feel aging, when they say "you! Don’t do that!
For many, these may be pet names of beloved family members.
But some parents in Alberta put them in.
Darling was born on 2009.
Others include beauty, beauty, Godsend and miracles.
I was confused when I saw the name Tater.
I really don't know what it means for parents to name their children potatoes.
This is not the only one who confused me.
In other mysteries (
Although three babies have shared the name since 2004, it is not mysterious):– Swastik (boy, 2013)and Swastika (girl, 1991)
It's a pair of names I'm in trouble.
I can only hope that there is a pre-
The 20th-century intent behind these names
When Nazi symbols are associated with luck rather than World War II atrocities (
In fact, I was told that the Nazis were Indian names).
Unfortunately, even if the intent is the opposite, one may have a negative first association with these names.
-Maybe what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.
This is the story I like to believe about Vegas (
Since 2004, two girls, two boys . . . . . . And a Vegas --Bean). – Tazer.
-I don't know if she was born on April 20, but on 1984 a pair of parents named their daughter Sensimillia.
-According to Wikipedia, the word "selfie" was created in 2005.
Whether it is coincidence or intentional, two selfi were born (2006 and 2008).
It's still a few years before their teens, but the name seems to fit perfectly.
-Satan was born on 2004 (
About this matter, Hades or Drummond).
Really, the best parents. )
The rest: tiramisu, Tearax, Teaphillis, Spyder, societyder, RocRock, Pope, Nytewolf, notorious, deadly, K-
Ray, Claus, Knight, TI, Invincible, Hydra, good luck, God's, gems, anger, Exodus, articles, codeine, camera, badger, arson 2010-born AnvilA girl will have a lot of fun when applying for official documents, being asked at school to fill out those nasty web forms that block you after 15 characters.
She was the owner of the longest name from 1980-
2013: kamakaleiimalamaikanaau.
It is weighed in a length of 29 letters, making other non-
Name of hyphen (
Next Recent non
The name of the hyphen is 19 characters: white feathers and dance whistles).
For the record, there is a bunch of names competing on length, but most of them are mixed up with three to four names and hyphen.
Every child has his own unique way.
But as you can see here, it's harder to get a unique name than you think.
Tips for the expected 2014 parents: if you want something truly unique, there is something unique already.
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