why obama is surely facing a second term riddled with scandal and upheaval - office desk name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-25
why obama is surely facing a second term riddled with scandal and upheaval  -  office desk name plates
He said that the last election of his political career has passed, and President Barack Obama can focus on avoiding the fiscal cliff and re-
Equipped with a large number of people for his government and stopped to think about his long term
Terminology for managing the agenda.
And then, of course, there's --
The economic downturn, Iran's nuclear ambitions, the consequences of David Petraeus's stunning resignation, and enough other crises, are enough to prove that the Oval Office is under "pressure to succeed"” But the re-
The president-elect should also worry about other things: the secondTerm Curse.
Dating back to the 1919 failure of Woodro Wilson to include the United States in the International Union, the second presidential term was almost always disappointing and sad.
Reagan passed tax reform in 1986, and Bill Clinton succeeded in balancing the budget.
But more often than not, there are setbacks in ambition, scandals and slow declines in politics.
Obama's true followers may respond "differently this time.
Because the historical model is merely a suggestion rather than an iron law of Marxism, these followers may be correct.
But at some point before moving in 2017, Obama might be embarrassed by at least one of these four factors: Arrogance: For decades, the dictionary's explanation was Franklin Roosevelt's fault
Doomed 1937 efforts to pack the Supreme Court to eliminate the-
The new deal majority.
FDR blithely believes that any advice he makes is rubber --
Congress is so Democratic that all 16 Senate Republicans can squeeze in phone booths on Capitol Hill. Wrong.
Two weeks after his second inauguration, Roosevelt gave little warning, announcing plans to expand the Supreme Court.
Even in many democratic parties, the reaction was that it was a fight for unfounded power.
After failing to win a majority on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the court-
The package plan is invalid in the Senate.
There is a strong contemporary example of a president who misunderstood his re-election.
Election authorization. George W.
Bush told Republican leaders in early 2005 that part of the privatization of Social Security was a top priority on his legislative agenda, although the president discussed the issue lightly during the 2004 campaign.
With the exception of Paul Ryan and some others, congressional Republicans have backed down on the election results.
Democrats are furious at policy.
The social security plan was never even voted in Congress.
Bush himself admitted that in his most undisclosed autobiography, the key points of the decision, "If I were to do it again, as the first major move in my second term, I will promote immigration reform, not social security.
And Obama's vague re-
The Election Statement worked strategically, providing him with limited policy mandates other than education programs and refusing to extend Bush's tax cuts for the rich.
So an ambitious response to global warming (
The question is too hot for candidate Obama)
This may be the president's statement about the privatization of Social Security.
Personnel: has passed three White House chief of staff (
Plus temporary appointment)
Obama is no stranger to ever
Change the office name.
The end of the presidency is a time to reshape the cabinet, like the tired Hillary Clinton, the familiar characters happily try to live without a 3. m. phone calls.
Finding a competent replacement is a challenge for any redesign
Being elected president is especially acute for Obama, his former president
Mainly the presidential network in Chicago. based.
Slowly, familiar faces such as David Akselrod, Robert Gibbs and Valerie jarette disappeared.
There are rumors that Tim Geithner may be the main cabinet figure with whom Mr. Obama has a close relationship.
This is understandable: life in the power corridor is weak.
The temptation of normal life, the lucrative private-
The department's proposal and the understandable impulse to step out of the presidential shadow will make the White House --away-
The second partyterm staple.
For those few who have stayed in the past eight years,the-
Job burnout is a kind of occupational hazard worthy of OSHA's attention.
It is likely that each president will look around the White House staff or his cabinet later in his second term and ask himself, "Who are those people?
Scandal: One of the saddest statements at the second press conference
During his presidency, Dwight Eisenson defended his troubled chief of staff, Sherman Adams, 1958 Times: "I admire his abilities.
Because of the integrity of individuals and officials, I respect him. I need him.
A few days later, Adams was cleaning up the table in his West Wing office, and he accepted a vicuna coat and other gifts from a New England industrialist.
No modern president survived the scandal during his second term.
Unless history has completely disappointed us, the legends of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton do not need to be elaborated.
Harry Truman, an ordinary historical figure.
Guy integrity, leaving the White House in 1953 with record results
Due to the impact, the low support rate is only 22%
Peddling scandals and the Korean War. George W.
Bush received almost 25% approval in the last few days of his term, in part because his aura of incompetence dates back to Hell --of-a-job-
Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina
Given Obama's heavy reliance on drone attacks, perhaps the most relevant warning comes from the second --term president.
This is a stubborn boycott of congressional oversight, and it is also-
Security decision-
This led to Ronald Reagan's 1986 Iran-contra scandal.
It is difficult for those who do not remember to write a straight-forward article about a rogue operation outside the basement of the White House with the aim of exchanging weapons with Iran to release Lebanese hostages.
Although Congress has cut funding for the right wing, part of Iran's money is used to fund Nicaragua's Contras --
The enemy of President Daniel Ortega
Throwing a national security advisor and arriving in Tehran with a key-shaped cake, he and White House secretary Fawn Hall, blonde, helped him tear up the documents. With quarter-
After the century, if brother Marx committed a foreign crime, it sounds like what you will get. policy movie.
But actually, Iran-
The anti-door scandal almost ruined Reagan's second term.
Petraeus love triangle (
Or a diamond? )
This reminds us that it is impossible for the president to know his appointees well.
It also highlights the dangers inherent in the early construction of marble statues for respected public officials.
Other cabinet or White House staff selected by Obama may be on fire --
In the next four years, though, the trauma of tabloids may be smaller.
That's the nature of the game in Washington-especially the second term, why it's so cruel.
Timetable: in addition to the impeached Bill Clinton, every modern president lost his seat in Congress in the sixth year of his presidency.
Unlike many seemingly unchangeable political rules, this rule makes sense intuitively.
After six years at the White House (
Even Roosevelt or Reagan)
The bill began to get stale and voters were eager for a different change.
This means that Obama may not be able to exert his greatest political influence until the summer of 2014.
After 2014 congressional elections, he may begin to experience the initial signs of lameness. duckism.
By the summer of 2015, Americans may find the early conflict in the presidential nomination more fascinating than the seventh year of Obama's presidency.
It was a moment when the president began to realize that he was not irreplaceable.
Clinton is still struggling to cope with the shift.
Obama May calmly address the foreseeable challenges of the next four years.
But for many presidents, the climax of their second term was the moment they put their left hand on the Bible and vowed to uphold and protect the Constitution.
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