wood urn - a classic memorial that reflects the serenity of nature - brass nameplate

by:ShunDing     2019-07-30
wood urn - a classic memorial that reflects the serenity of nature  -  brass nameplate
Customized, visually compelling and meaningful urn is increasingly popular and demanding, prompting the production of urn made of different materials.
Among them are the now popular wood cremation urn, which is amazing in workmanship and design.
The wooden urn of ashes is carefully made of high-quality solid wood, such :-
Oak is the most popular hard wood that reflects the natural beauty of the forest
Mahogany wood is a very durable hard wood with excellent processing performance. Its reddish-
The brown color darkens and when polished to get a vibrant finish, a red gloss is displayed. -
Cherry Wood is a favorite of the finest wood workers, as its unique texture gives it a warm and stylish glow. -
Walnut, its hard and dense wood is polished to a very smooth surface.
Its color ranges from cream white, dark brown to chocolate, rich in purple Brown, making it a precious product. -
Maple, a durable, resilient, easy-to-clean hard wood that can last for generations if properly taken care.
These sturdy hardwood are engraved on the urn and engraved with elegant patterns, making it a wooden cremation urn reflecting the natural tranquility.
This product is very sensitive to exquisite beauty and economy.
It provides true monetary value and provides a delicate, tranquil place for the remains of the loved one.
The wood urn is engraved with details of the loved one: name, date of birth and death, and sometimes the nameplate brass is added.
Its exquisite design is numerous, different from each other, perfect for everyone's taste.
Including :-
Wooden urn-
Small flowers are designed (i. e. roses)-
Hotels in Ayers with beautiful scenery
Scenes engraved with nature (boat-
Fishing scenes, scenes of Heaven, scenes of buzzing birds)-
Ayers music-
Complex design with notes and instruments (i. e. violin, harp)-
Religious wooden urn
Engraved with religious symbols (i. e. cross, dove)
Or scenes in the Bible (i. e. paradise scene).
A unique Bible wood urn looks like a real Bible.
In addition to the wooden urn, it is a urn made of durable materials, bright and exciting in color, can properly decorate the fireplace in the home as an indoor memorial, or as an eye
Capture outdoor remembrance.
Including :-Bronze urns -
Because of its durability, it is considered the metal of all agesCast bronze -
Truly stand the test of timeCeramic urns -
Crafted from rich porcelain, vibrant and colorful. -Stone urns -
Simple and dignifiedMarble urns -
Classic and immortal-
Biodegradable Urn
While modest, the Web offers many admirable urn boxes for Ashes, all of which are works of art celebrating the life of a loved one.
All of this is truly inspiring, art and design works of art as a permanent memorial to loved ones after they leave the Earth.
But there is no doubt that a wooden urn provides the most peaceful place for the remains of loved ones and an elegant monument for future generations.
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