write up: indycar's newgarden subject of new children's book - metal plate etching

by:ShunDing     2019-12-11
write up: indycar\'s newgarden subject of new children\'s book  -  metal plate etching
Lake Elkhart In Wis– Up-and-
The upcoming IndyCar driver, Josef Newgarden, may soon climb to another chart. Top-
The five drivers on the IndyCar Series list are usually not the subject of children's books.
"I don't know if he's been affected by the New York Times best-selling charts, but we'll see," Ed Carpenter, team owner at newgarden No.
21 Chevrolet, said with a wry smile.
Last weekend, the book, The Indy car driver Joseph, debuted on the American Highway, where Newgarden won eighth place.
It tells the story of how personable Newgarden starts behind the steering wheel, and also provides children with illustrative introductory knowledge about the racing and IndyCar series.
In a weekend game, the debut of a book will keep Newgarden busy for a few days. The 25-year-
Old drivers have more pressing problems.
In a terrible accident in Texas in June 12, Newgarden had a broken right clavicle and an injury to his right wrist, when his car hit the side and slid along the front stretch wall, the cockpit
Newgarden said this week: "At this moment, you will think first, 'Well, no one hit me. '".
"I was a little claustrophobic at that moment.
Personally, I don't want to stay in that place anymore.
"Newgarden was on guard during the crash, but fainted after coming out of the damaged wreckage.
The surgeon fixed his collarbone with a metal plate.
In the two weeks of preparing for the American road, getting back on the track is a problem, not to mention signing a new book.
It turns out that Newgarden doesn't have much doubt about his next move.
"I was in a hospital in Texas with him on Sunday night.
"I know what his motivation is," Carpenter said . ".
"I know it will be difficult for him to leave the car.
I just wanted to be sure we could do enough to get him ready to get him well and make the doctor comfortable.
"A week later, he went back to a simulator to test how he felt behind the wheel.
Two days before the race, after two exercises on the American Highway, IndyCar approved the race for Newgarden.
Between practice, right
Hand it over to Newgarden for signature, etching out a modified "JN" with the wrist guard ".
"His attitude is, 'If I can drive a car, I can sign up with sharp, 'recalls Chris Warman. '.
This is the worker's second children's book about the sport after describing a book about children under the age of 24
Le Mans race for an hour.
The Newgarden book is The Road to the affinity of the author, the month-turn, four-
A mile long walk in the Wisconsin countryside.
Workers living in North Carolina shared friends with Newgarden and contacted the driver last year when Indianapolis 500. A fan-
The staff said the friendly character made the young new garden the ideal theme.
Newgarden took the opportunity.
He thinks it's a big part of a way to reach out to new IndyCar fans he wants, even drivers and team owners.
"It's all about the next generation for me, coming up in front of them and filling in the footprints of people," he said . ".
"Of course, there will be children who like cars and cars, and we hope to have access to these children.
"Newgarden's passion for racing started as a child, riding a motorcycle with friends.
He later changed the kart and won a lower grade at the age of 20.
Indy lamp title for 2011.
"Even if the kids don't like it that much when they first read IndyCar racing, it shows that you can chase your dreams," the worker said . ".
"You are very excited about such a thing and passionate about it.
"Newgarden has made steady progress in IndyCar's five years.
He is ranked fifth in the points race after the American Highway, where he has a respectable top league
Finish 10 after rotation-
The exit in qualifying forced him to start the game on the 20 th.
Throughout the weekend, the wrist problem was more serious than the collarbone.
The next stop on the schedule is Iowa on July 10, giving Newgarden an extra week to recover.
Maybe the game will end like his new children's book, where he overtook the leader in the last lap and took the plaid flag.
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