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Application of metal sticker

On June 11th 2018, one of our customers from the Netherlands needs the nameplate for outdoor use and sent us an enquiry, due to the large size, 265*100*4mm, the production technology is difficult.

On June 13th 2018, we sent the artwork to the customer for confirmation. According to the requirement for customer, the size is 265*100*4mm and involves the technology of raised brushed and anodized matte silver, background anodized matte silver PM877, blue RAL5005 recessed and lacquered, yellow RAL1023 recessed and lacquered, stick foam adhesive on the back. Then customer wants die cast pins on the back of nameplate, but the size is too large to die cast it.

After carefully communication with customer, he wants to make screw holes on the back to install the screws. If produced in this way, the thickness of nameplate needs to be increased from 4mm to 6-7mm , we made the first sample after reaching a consensus with the customer.

On July 10th 2018, we sent out the sample. Customer feedback to us needs to redesign the drawings and produce because the front side will be deformed after tightening the screw, customer wants to increase the thickness from 7mm to 9mm. If the thickness is changed, the mold needs to remade, customer agreed it and changed the artwork a little.

Customer placed order for 265pcs, in order to prevent mistakes, we produced 60pcs for the first delivery to send customer. But there are problems in production, for example, the inner border can not be fully raised when embossed because of the large size. We tried our best to solve it when we telling our customer about this.

Our workshop and technical departments tried 3 times with different mold, but the border problem still can not be solved due to big size. So we suggested that customers modify the inner border. Customer accepted it while the background color was changed blue and the logo is enlarged to 103%.

We changed the mould free for the customer and start producing nameplates. Firstly, we painted in blue and yellow recessed and lacquered, but the yellow part is not good. Then, we tried to anodized in blue and yellow recessed and lacquered, the yellow part is better than painting. But anodized blue is different from pantone RAL5005. Moreover, it is necessary to perform anodizing twice, which is more difficult.

On September 12th 2018, we sent out the fist delivery, customer feedback is satisfactory, and he provided the pictures that have been installed to us. However, because it is used outdoors, customer wants to increase the thickness of anodizing layer from 3-4um to 6-8um, but this technology is very difficult. After the research of our technical departments, at last, the anodizing layer is increased to 6-8um according to customer requirements, and delivered to the customer.

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