army medals catapult soldiers: valour sold on street for pittance, soldiers too flock to flaunt honour | hyderabad news - times of india

by:ShunDing     2019-12-30
Hyderabad: Army medal sends soldiers to the pantheon of heroes
The honor badges made can be easily bought without even having to pick up the gun at the burning LoC or standing on the cold Siachen ground.
Just walk through the military Shop Lane of Secunderabad Lal al Bazar, just Rs 2,500 to get out as a beautifully decorated officer with all the uniforms and medals pinned on the badge
The exact look of a \"tailored Company\" or military medal is in contention and can be purchased at a price of Rs 40
Not only in larbazal, but also in the private shops of Tuan Bazal, Mehdipatnam and Golconda 180.
It is shocking here.
The soldiers flocked to buy medals because it took the army a long time to hand over them.
In addition to the Kickstarter Award, a custom copy of almost every medal is on sale.
Journalists can buy several such medals and badges.
I also bought a complete uniform.
In the country, especially in Kashmir, there have been several attacks by terrorists in military uniforms.
Not only can they get their uniforms easily, they can also get badges and show off medals.
In a store in larbazal, the reporter can only convince a store --
The owner of the military that he needs medals.
Although not shown, these are taken out of a box on the shelf.
On occasions such as Republic Day and Independence Day, the government announced the awarding of medals to personnel, paramilitary forces and police in the three sectors.
While the brave medal has the recipient\'s name and Army number, no one else has.
The reporter can also buy a medal for the 1991 Cargill conflict.
Called action Vijay \".
Designated Operation \"samania Seva Medal\" and \"uchch Tungta Medal\" serving in high school\"
Also purchased aerial work with proper ribbon.
The store asked, \"What more medals do you want ? \"keeper.
When the reporter asked about other circumstances, a policeman (Special Duty)
The Punjab Medal with buttons is displayed.
This has an Ashoka Chakra engraved with ribbons.
In addition to the Sena Medal, an original Suraksha Special Service Medal was purchased.
Another medal to mark the 50 th anniversary of independence is also available for sale and has been purchased.
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