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BADGE Application Case

After finishing this badge, we received very satisfied comments from customers, the exquisite design and texture also attract users. It can be said that this badge plays a very huge role in the new and active brand users.

But behind this successful finished product we have experienced a few problems but finally overcame it, in July 2018 the customer sent us a inquiry and told us the product process, size, quantity and graphic information they need, we give a reasonable proposal and quotation, after thorough discussing, this order has been settled, this badge involved in extrusion technology, anodizing and full color printing, but after verification, the production department told us the design of the badges needs full color printing is too small , which made the factory difficult to carry out the process, in this case of emergency we truthfully inform the customer the situation and the sincere communication, telling the customer we hope they can adjust the design, After customer considering we have been in this industry for 15 years, and seeing the sincerity of us, he eventually agreed to modify the design, after both sides’ carefully confirmation, the production started in August 2018, but later we ran into unexpected emergency, according to the time limit for a project general situation, production proofing is 5-8 days, manufacturing mass goods need 7-12 days (depending on the quantity and for the final process). After the sample making is confirmed by the customer, we will produce the mass goods and deliver the qualified and satisfied products to the customer on time. However, because this customer needs to bring his product to market in advance, he sent an email urging us to finish it as soon as possible, otherwise his product plan will be seriously affected. We contacted the factory immediately and got the reply from the production supervisor at 10 p.m, who says that the factory can work overtime according to the expedited process for orders with a tight schedule if this is a real emergency, We informed the customer of this information overnight, and the customer was very grateful that we could understand his position after knowing it. The factory workers worked all night that night, and eventually completed this batch of goods in less than one week. The customer praised our production capacity and said that he would have long-term cooperation with us in the future.

The beauty of a badge is not in the badge itself, but the emotion behind it. Even though there is simple change and short production cycle, the finished product has a elegant appearance with excellent rust prevention function waterproof property,which can greatly ensure a long life span of this badge.

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