Bring on your own Fiesta medal

by:ShunDing     2019-12-28
The San Antonio Express is here again.
News carnival medal competition, we make our own pin Royal summons for readers
Carnival goodies and glorious ons.
This year\'s top three medals and a children\'s medal will win their producer\'s pass to participate in various carnival events, while reporting on the online pages of mySA and mySA. com.
Make medals with items such as crafts, recycled materials or junk drawers.
Capture the carnival spirit with crazy and colorful pomp.
You can dedicate it to an established Carnival order, but we prefer your own luxury house, whether it\'s a pet or a favorite team, etc.
The medal can\'t be bigger than the soda can, but we\'ll give you the wiggle room to attach the ribbon.
It must be wearable and family. friendly.
Access is available for all ages and skills and for children aged 10 and under.
Limit one medal per person.
We will show the big winners at mySA on April 17, the day before the carnival officially opens in Alamo Square.
You can also see the winning medals on Carnival\'s Pin Pandemonium, where you can buy and sell Carnival medals.
All race medals will be displayed in the slides on mySA. com.
MySAP carnival medal competition. O.
Box 2171San Antonio, TX 78297 you can also bring your medal to the Courier-
At normal business hours, press hall, 301 E Avenue.
Include your name, age, phone number during the day, email and medal name.
Please type or print this information.
Medals will not be returned. Good luck!
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