Day 15: What\'s hot at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

by:ShunDing     2019-12-18
Leicester ledika became the first person in the history of the Winter Olympics to win a gold medal in unrelated events, after the Czech player won a snowboard parallel giant hurdles ski race on Saturday, with her amazingG gold. The 22-year-
Old beat German player Selina joberg 0 in the final.
46 seconds became the fifth person to win the gold medal in two games, although the quartet she joined doubled in similar Nordic skiing events.
German player Ramona Hofmeister wins in a small final with Russian Sochi bronze medalist Alana zawazariana, who plays in the last two gamesAnd her super
G gold was totally shocked, Ledecka from the beginning looked at the command with the discipline she liked, set the fastest time in qualifying and dealt with making her historic achievements look
Ledecka\'s great achievement in winning unrelated events has made her praised by many as the \"Queen of the Olympics\", and she admits that the name is becoming more and more important to her.
\"I don\'t think so, but it does sound good,\" laughed Ledecka, who wore goggles during the press conference, as after a victory in alpine skiing.
Silver can be seen as long term for Chog
Eight years ago, she barely missed a medal in Vancouver, waiting for redemption.
\"I came here very hard and stood on the podium,\" 30-year-old said.
The German silver and bronze medals matched the country\'s feat in its shorter parallel slalom competition in Sochi, although Pyeongchang did not retain the event.
YOG also praised leidka, who believes that leidka can further promote skiing and push it to the forefront at 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.
Japan won their first Olympic curling medal on Saturday, and the four of Fujikawa Sasaki scored one point each in the last three games to lead the UK 5-
Win bronze.
Japan\'s victory guaranteed that two teams in Asia would be on the podium and South Korea would beat Sweden in the gold medal.
Medal final on Sunday
\"It\'s Japan\'s first medal, so it\'s history,\" laughed JD Lind, Japan\'s Canadian coach . \".
\"This is something the country has been trying to do since the Nagano Olympics, so to do it in the end, it\'s a huge day.
\"The pressure is great and I definitely feel for the team at Eve Muirhead.
They have a chance to win.
I think she will miss it, but we will catch it.
\"The game was tense, defensive, tactical from start to finish, and the two ice rinks did not last more than one point.
The first mistake was on the ninth one, landed on the UK skip Muirhead, who missed the takeout on her last stone and had Japan steal a point and nose in front of the 4 th3.
The UK needs a point to force the extra target, but when Muirhead makes a mistake on her last stone, tries to double the two stones in Japan and leave her stone
\"Of course I am very sad.
As a team, we paid everything and we didn\'t leave anything behind, \"said muhead, bronze medalist at 2014 Sochi Olympics.
\"As a jumper, it\'s hard to accept when you have a chance to win.
\"The camera is there. that\'s why I went to shoot.
Curl goes down to a few inches, and if we curl 1 cm more, there will be bronze in our neck.
\"It\'s hard to accept, I broke down.
\"There was a bronze medal before and it was hard to leave with something.
It takes a little time.
\"Norway\'s alpine ski team won bronze in Saturday\'s first team event, winning 38 medals for Scandinavian countries at the Pyeongchang Olympics, a country in the Winter Olympics
In 2010, the United States won 37 games in Vancouver, which was the previous record, but in the \"small\" final at Yongping Alpine Center, defeated France with time differences, which made the Norwegian.
Norway now leads the Pyeongchang medal list with 13 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 11 bronze medals, up from 26 in the previous 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Games and 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.
Leff Christian Nestle
Hogan ran brilliantly for three 10 seconds to beat French Clement Noel, and won the bronze medal, and made a huge cheers as he crossed the line.
\"It\'s very humbling,\" Nestvold-Haugen said.
\"Even under skisuit, I feel goose bumps because the Norwegian alpine team can get 38 medals.
Alpine skiers, including speed-down champion Axel Lund svendar, have provided most of Norway\'s seven medals, with the rest coming from their very successful Nordic skiing
After Russia\'s Alexander crushnizki was sentenced to doping, there were 4 people in speed skating, 1 bronze in the mixed curling, while Oystein Braten was in the freestyle ski race
The United States delivered a gold.
Gold medal knockout clock in, scored 5 goals on the eighth end, with 10-
He won the Olympic men\'s curling championship for the first time on Saturday.
Score in 5-lock
S. skip John Schuster to provide some last-
Rock Magic with exact double shot
Five Swedish rivals were stunned when the harbor light curling center broke out into a US-led \"America, America\" anthem. S.
President Donald Trump\'s daughter Ivanka
This is only the second Olympic curling gold medal won by the United States. S.
After winning the bronze medal at 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Schuster was one of them.
Switzerland wins Canada 7
Win bronze on Friday.
\"I think in the whole (eighth)
\"We can feel it\'s building,\" Schuster said . \".
\"Their margin of error is very small.
I can\'t tell you. nervous I was.
\"This victory ended an extraordinary comeback in the United States, and the United States was quick in the early preliminaries --
Play with 2-wheel
In three straight wins, they beat the defending champions Canada twice in the playoffs.
The top of the final-ranked Swedes.
The only real mistake Americans made on Saturday was that officials mistakenly showed them the women\'s gold medal, but the mistake was quickly corrected and replaced with the correct gold medal.
\"We have played our best when our defender is against the wall,\" American Second Taylor George.
\"We took it to another level this week.
\"Usually we fight and give up to get into the playoffs, but in five days we are the best team in the world and we did it at the right time.
\"This result means more Olympic disappointment because Nicola Eddin skipped Sweden to win the World Championship in 2013 and 2015 Sochi Games and won the bronze medal, but couldn\'t
The game started tactically, the Swede was the first out, the second goal, only the United States. S.
Play right back with two at another brilliant last minute-
Rock shot in SchusterThe U. S.
Stole a point at the fourth point after the measurement to determine the first lead of the shooting stone, 3-2.
The Swedes don\'t panic, and in the 5 th tug-of-war continue to fight the United States, they answer two questionsS.
In the sixth and Sweden with a pair of replies, get a pair in the seventh place, let the team into a stalemate
There are three purposes to play. After the U. S.
In Game 9, their five goals reduced Sweden by two, but there were too many losses to be fixed and the Swede finally gave in.
\"On the eighth end, we didn\'t get the rocks we wanted, they put a lot of rocks in the house and we were forced to go in all,\" Edin explained . \".
\"If the last shot was more than 3 cm rolls, they might draw two or a few, but when that picture was missed, we knew we would lose.
Iivo Niskanen in Finland does a lung
Break the early break and block the intense challenge of Alexander boshnov, winning 50 km massive launch classic crossover
Finland won the first gold medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on Saturday.
Bolshour, an Olympic athlete from Russia, won 18 silver medals.
Seven seconds behind niskani, OAR rider Andrei Lakov beat Norwegian Martin johansrud Sander to the bronze medal.
Olympic games usually save the most intense game to the end, because it puts great demands on the endurance of athletes, so it has been plagued by blood doping charges before.
Two of the three Russian athletes who swept the podium in Sochi were champion Alexander Legkov and runner-up.
Up Maxim legzhanin, their medals were taken away before they were restored by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)in 2017.
Pyeongchang\'s individual medal winners Wendy Holden and Ramon zenasain led the race in Switzerland\'s 3-win Austria.
At Saturday\'s Winter Olympics, traditional Alpine powers won the first team gold medal.
Austria, without their double gold medalist Matthew Hirscher, flower silver, bronze, Norway on the edge of the law after a month-
Draw lots in the \"small\" final at Yongping Alpine Center.
Norway won 38 medals in all events of the Pyeongchang Olympic Games, and Scandinavian countries surpassed the United States in 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, becoming the country with the most medals.
For the first time in the final race of the Alpine race, which brought mixed gender competition and parallel slalom into the race, the form of the knockout ensured a lot of stimulus, even if some of the big names of the sport refused to participate.
Men\'s grand slam and combo champion Hirscher was among them too, and he decided to focus on winning the World Cup championship for the seventh time in a row, but Austria still swept through their three countries in order to reach the final.
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