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Why are Badge manufacturers not very willing to recommend stainless steel badges?

Why are Badge manufacturers not very willing to recommend stainless steel badges? In fact, the main point is that the accessories on the back of the stainless steel badge do not need to be welded with tin, but are usually glued. Imagine how fast the glued parts will be. There is no need to say more here. As the world's steel producer and the world's most populous country, China has the advantage of low cost of raw materials and labor for manufacturing hardware products. In recent years, China's exports of hardware products have maintained a stable growth trend, china has become the world's major exporter of hardware products, and it is expected that the annual export volume will remain at 10-15% growth. The analysis report on the development prospect and strategic planning of hardware products industry shows that in 2010, China's hardware products industry recovered throughout the year. In general, the hardware products industry is running well, the growth momentum of domestic and foreign sales is obvious, the import and export is growing at a high speed, and various economic indicators have basically returned to the previous level.

bending: an economical production process for processing any form of sheet, Rod and tubular materials. Continuous binding and forming: feed metal sheets between pressure rollers to obtain metal shapes with continuous length and consistent cross section. Similar to the extrusion process, but the wall thickness of the processed components is limited, only a single wall thickness can be obtained. Only on the premise of mass production, the processing cost is reasonable. The stamped metal sheet is placed between the male die and the female die and is pressed and formed for processing hollow shapes, and the depth can be deep or shallow.

double-sided adhesive die-cutting manufacturer- Professional, metal sign appearance design, generally want to pay attention to humanization, standardization, product and environment coordination and other factors, then what are the factors that affect the appearance design of metal sign. Humanized factors the appearance design of metal signs should be combined with the actual situation, sensory vision, and design according to local conditions, reflecting the people-oriented concept and improving customer satisfaction, such: the sign design of scenic spots should reflect the service concept of humanization, individuation and characteristic on the whole and in detail, so as to greatly enhance the reputation of scenic spots.

chemical stability of the material itself: stainless steel has the properties of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc. Affected by the chemical structure of stainless steel, in harsh environment, such as: high temperature, wet and cold, long-term exposure to rain medium environment, stainless steel signs can still maintain bright and bright for a long time, no deformation. In short, it is characterized by strong annual use and not easy to deform. In the choice of making metal signs, stainless steel and aluminum are very common metal materials, so what is the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of these two materials?

high wear-resistant micro-deformation cold deformation die steel is represented by Cr12Mov type, which is a high-performance cold deformation die steel widely used abroad. Cr12Mov is an improved Cr12 steel. The carbon content is too high, resulting in serious uneven large bulk carbides. Cr12Mov steel is characterized by high wear resistance and hardenability. It is a micro-deformation cold blanking die. The main material of cold heading die is still widely used in general factories. The modified material has high hardness and high wear resistance, high hardenability, especially small deformation after heat treatment, good filing performance during pliers processing, is still widely used in blanking forming dies, drawing dies and other dies.

The basic principle of electroforming is to use the original mold made according to the required shape as the cathode and the electroforming material as the anode, put them together in the same metal salt solution as the anode material and pass direct current. Under the action of electrolysis, a metal electroforming layer is gradually deposited on the surface of the original mold, and the metal electroforming layer is taken out of the solution after reaching the required thickness, and the electroforming layer is separated from the original mold, the metal parts corresponding to the shape of the original mold are obtained. The stability of nickel plating layer in air is very high. Due to the strong passivation ability of metal nickel, a very thin passivation film can be rapidly formed on the surface to resist the corrosion of atmosphere, alkali and some acids.

receiving engineering drawings according to CDR, AI or cad format engineering drawings provided by customers, according to size, color, thickness, glue and other process requirements to order, logo design in the drawings any line size width shall not be less than 0. 25mm (For example, the I word is only 0. , Then the drawings must be changed, or communicate with the customer to change the size, otherwise the size is too small, it is difficult to take it down during the shipping process, resulting in the improvement of defective products) After confirming the drawings, we will first make samples and send samples to the customer for confirmation. After confirmation by the customer, the order will be made.

double-sided adhesive die-cutting manufacturer- Professional soaking time should not exceed 1 minute, too long and easy to drop ink; Gently wipe the developing surface with sponge until it is formed; Rinse the surface with clear water, visually check the surface for any miscellaneous spots, scraping and ink dropping. If the development is not sufficient, heavy work is required, and other poor development is directly scrapped. Nickel Plate Production Process 8, nickel plating 1. The operator puts the developed stainless steel plate into the electroforming tank for electroforming; The electroforming time of nickel is 180 30 minutes and the voltage is 2. 75 ± 0. 75 V, current 135 ± 35A (Depending on the number of stainless steel placed), Electroforming groove weight: 22. 5 ± 2. 5, the temperature in the tank is 55 5℃, PH = 4. 4 ± 0. 6.

after the design of a complete identification system is completed, we often have relevant labels related to the process in the construction drawing of the identification system. These labels directly determine the final effect and quality of the signboard. As the demand side, we can also learn more about this knowledge and better achieve the common goals of the demand side and the production and construction side (Make a Perfect signboard).

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