Greek bronze medal winner banned by IOC

by:ShunDing     2019-12-17
The International Olympic Committee yesterday excluded the Greek weightlifting athlete Leonidas sampani from the Olympics and asked him to return the bronze medal.
Last Monday, Sampanis tested positive for high testosterone levels after ranking third in the 62 kg category.
The IOC executive committee met this morning to rule on the case, which shocked the host country, and a few days ago its top sprint pair withdrew after missing an eve --of-Game Doping Test
The IOC said in a statement: \"The IOC executive committee has decided that in his third-place men\'s 62 kg-kg weightlifting program, Leonidas Sampanis was disqualified
Cancel his medal and diploma;
He also withdrew his Olympic identity and qualifications.
The head of the Greek Olympic team said IOC officials had visited their headquarters in hopes of recovering the medals.
\"The IOC visited our headquarters in the Olympic Village today and asked for the return of Sampanis medals,\" said Yannis papadoyiakis.
Sampanis, who won the first medal in the Olympics, claimed to be innocent and said he had never used prohibited substances.
Venezuela\'s Israeli Jose Rubio, who won fourth place in the competition, is expected to win the bronze medal.
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